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Bacteriological Incubator

Vertical Autoclaves

Autoclave Horizontal

Laboratory Autoclave (Portable)

Rectangular Water Bath

Serological Water Bath

Temperature and Precision Control Water Bath

High Temperature Oil Bath

Refrigerated Water Bath

Memmert Type Universal Oven

Humidity Oven

Vacuum Oven

B.O.D. Incubator

Egg Incubator

Water Bath Incubator Shaker

Carbon Dioxide Incubator

Hybridization Incubator

Orbital Shaking Incubator

Stability Chamber Microprocessor Control

Walk In Incubator

Seed Germinator Single Chamber

Seed Germinator Double Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber

Seed Dryer Cabinet

Tray Dryers

Freeze Dryer

Muffle Furnaces

Hot Plates

Round Hot Plates

Heating Mantle

Distillation Stills Manasty

Distillation Stills Barnstead Type

All Glass Distillation Apparatus (Electrically Heated)

Soxhlet Extraction Units

Kjeldahl Distillation & Digestion Unit

Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

Deep Freezer

Ultra Low Deep Freezer

Vaccine Deep Freezer

C.O.D Digester

V.D.R.L Rotators and Shaker

Shaking Machine Wrist Action

Shaking Machines Rotary

Shaking Machine Table Model

Shaking Machine Sieves

Shaking Machine

Clinical Centrifuge Machines

Compact Laboratory Centrifuge

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Vacuum Centrifuge

Rotary Vacuum Pumps

Magnetic Stirrer

Digital Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate

Tissue Homogeniser

Lab Stirrer

Vortex Mixer

Melting Point Apparatus

Precision And Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Digital Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus


Infra Red Moisture Balances

Laboratory Ovens

Sampling Dispensing Booths

Heating Orbital Shakers

Sampling / Dispensing Booths

A C Modules

Pressure Modules

Deluxe Model (Triple Walled With Jacket)

Fully Automatic Table Top Autoclaves

Rectangular Horizontal Model

Humidifier Aerosol Disinfector

Ice Flaking Machines

Shaking Tray Size Inside

Distillation Appratus

Orbital Shaker (Heating Only)

Digital Total Dissolve Solid (TDS) Meter

Fake Currency Note Detectors

Circulated Water Bath

ABBE Refractometer

ABBE Refractometer With Imported Optics

Butyro Refractometer

Hand Refractometer With Imported Optics


Research Polarimeter

Polarimeter Senior

Leak Test Apparatus

Bulk Density Apparatus

Digital Dissolution Test Apparatus

Disintegration Test Machine

Tablet Friability Test Apparatus (Single Drum)

Tablet Hardness Tester (Pfizer Type)

Ultrasonic Baths Sonicator

Bomb Calorimeters

Bursting Strength Testers

Micro Digital Model

Micro Print Model (Fully Automatic Micro Processor Based)

Standard Model

Super Model

Antibiotic Zone Readers

Electronic Balances

Professional Line Analytical Balances Cy Series

Professional Line Analytical Balances CX Series

Stainless Steel Body Pass Box

Laboratory Microbiological Blenders

Chemical Bottle Storage Cabinets

Willey Mill

Glass Beads Sterilizers

Polishing Machines

Polishing Machine (Single Disc)

Ozone Air Sterilizers

Ozone Room Sterlizer

Ozone Room Sterilizer

Jar Test Appartus

Discrete Component Trainer

Digital Electronic Circuit Trainer


Magnetic Field Apparatus

Physics Lab Kit

Physics Instrument

Physics Apparatus

Physics Instruments

Intermediate Spectrometer

Heat Equipment

Electrostatic Equipment

Autosampler Vials

Travelling Microscopes


Newton's Ring Microscope


Resistance Box

Battery Eliminator

Capacitance Boxes

Function Generator

Mechanics Instruments

Acrylic Block and Rectangular

Action of Cams

Analog Lab Trainer (Bread Board Model)

Archimedes Principle Kit

Auto Transformer

Semi Circular Acrylic Block

Actual Cut Model Gear Box

Audio Oscillator

Baby Weighing Balance

Balance Lever

Balance Spring

Balance Weights

Bar and Gauge

Bar Magnets

Barometer Syphon


Bell Jar in Vacuum

Biots Conductor

Braun Electroscope

Bucket & Cylinder

Bulb Holders M.E.S


Balances Spring

Banana Plugs

Bar Breaking Apparatus

Barometer Aneroid Demonstration

Barometer and Aneroid

Bell in Bell Jar

Bourdon Gauge

Brain Tuner

Bulb Holders


Calorimeter with Wooden Box

Carbon Electrodes Mounted

Cathode Ray Mechanical Effect

Cell Holders


Circuit Modules

Collision in Two Dimensions

Compound Bar

Concave Mirror And Glass

Conductivity Apparatus


Convection Tube

Copper Voltmeter


Calorimeter Copper & Aluminium

Calorimeter Set

Catch Bucket

Centi Second Meter

Clinical Digital Thermometer


Concave Glass Mirror and Glass

Connected Leads

Convex Mirror and Glass

Crocodile Clips Standard

Cylindrical Magnets

DC Regulated Power Supply (Dual Output)

DC Regulated Power Supply (Single Output)

Decade Resistance Box

Demonstration Electric Motor

Demonstration Induction Coil

Demonstration Meter Inter Scale

Demountable Transformer

Dial Type Room Thermometers

Different Impellers of Pumps and Turbines

Digital Multimeter Model

Digital Stop Clock

Dip Circle


Displacement Vessel

Dynamic Trolley and Wooden

Wooden Dynamic Trolley

Decade Capacitance Box

Demonstration Dynamo Model

Demonstration Gear System Model

Demonstration Meter

Demonstration Transformer

Digital Meter

Digital Thermometer

Direct Vision Spectroscope

Drinking Bird

Electric Bell

Electric Whirl

Electromagnetic Coil

Electromagnetism Coil

Electroscope Pith Ball

Equality of Pressure in Liquids

Expansion of Liquids Apparatus

Electric Blower


Electrostatic Kit

Epicyclic Gear (Sun & Planet Type)

Expansion Apparatus

Falling Bodies Apparatus

Fly Wheel

Force Pump on Stand

Four-Stroke Diesel Engine Model

Friction Board Apparatus

Fluid Pressure Apparatus

Geo Board-Circle: (Wooden)

Volume Relationship Set (Crystal Plastic)

Junior Maths Lab Kit

Senior Maths Lab Kit

Field Observation Equipment

Office Working Equipment

Laboratory Models

Creativity And Craft Work Tools

Construct-A Clock (Wooden)

Counting Abacus (1-10) (Wooden)

Teacher Abacus (Wooden)

Student Abacus

Game Of Place Value (Wooden)

Geo Board-Square (Wooden)

Geometrical Solids: (Wooden)

Transparent Geometrical Shapes

Polyhedron & Their Nets (Set of 11) : (Acrylic)

Conic Section : (Wooden)

Cylinder Cut In 8 Parts (Wooden)

Derivation Of Value Of Pie : (Wooden)

Circle Fraction Disk

Fractions Of Circle (Wooden)

Fractions Of Triangle (Wooden)

Add & Count Rods: (Wooden)

Shapes Sorter Moulds (Plastic)

Tangram Puzzle (Acrylic)

Time Teaching Stamps

Standard Time Indicator (Metal)

Volume Measuring Hollow Shapes

Set Of Volumetric Cups (Plastic)

Weight Set (Metal)

Pictorial Numbers (Wooden)

Shapes Board (Big) (Wooden)

Count & Match (Wooden)

Kitchen Balance (Plastic)

Screw Gauge (Metal) Micrometer

Vernier Calliper (Metal)

Ranging Rod (Metal)

Tripod Stand

Cross Staff

Optical Square (Metal)

Theodolite Model

Stop Watch

Drawing Instruments Set (Metal)

Probabilty Kit-Complete

Efficiency In Packing

Geometry Kit (Acrylic)

Dummy Cheque Book & Dummy Pay-In-Bank Slip

Graph Roll-Up Chart

Magnetic Graph Co-ordinate Board With Marker Pen

Math Lab Instruments

Construction Of Parabola (Wooden)

Pythagoras Theorem (Acrylic)


Triangle Kit

Ratio Of Area Of Similar Triangles (Acrylic)

Identity Set-I (Acrylic)

Identity Set-II (Acrylic)

Identity Set-III (Wooden)

Mensuration Kit

Over Head Projector Transparencies (Set of 15)

3-D Charts


Fractions Of Square (Wooden)

Friction Wheel Drive

Endotracheal Tube - Cuffed

Patient Case Sheet Holder

Safety Side Railings - Sliding Type

Rack and Quadrant Gears Model

Sliding Wedge Gear With Straight Line Model

Chain Drive Model

Hydraulic Brake Unit Two Brake Drums

Shafting General Bearing Model

Sellers Coupling Model

Secure Cords Connectors

Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine

Bicycle Ergograph

Hot Air Gun

Crank Drive to Oscillating Link Mechanism Model

Disc Brake Model

Knuckle Joint - Model


Mounted Bulb Holder

Magnetic Stirring Rods

Centrifuge Machine

Twist Drill Set

Herring Bone Gear

Bench Thickness Gauge

Oxygen Recovery Kit

Paediartic Jackson Rees Circuit

Pressure Monitoring Kit

Pressure Transducer Dome

Three Way Stop Cock

Three Way Stopcock With Ext Line

Tracheostomy Tube - Plain

Mosquito Net Poles

Road Culvert Brick Barrel Type - Model

Slotted Link Bar Mechanism - Model

Band And Block Brake Model

Drawing Board Stand

Telescope Stand

Sand Timer With Wooden Finish

Stainless Steel Dustbins

Bowl Stand

Spur Gear Set

Oxygen Concentrator Sequal

Engineering Models

Double Lumen Catheter Kit

Oxygen Mask With Nebuliser

Pressure Monitoring Line

Resuscitation Bag

Spinal Needle

Collapsible Side Railings

Lift Bridge Across A Port Channel - Model

Crank And Connecting Rod Model

Triangular Eccentric Cam

Internally Expanding Brake Model

Belt Drive Single Speed - Model

Rivets Set of Four Metal Model

Flanged Coupling

Plate Clutch

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

Highly Magnetic Horseshoe Magnet

Oil Can

Electric Hand Drill

Patient Pediatric Bed

Multiplate Clutch Model

Hemispherical Sectional Models of Screw Threads Nuts

Antique Sand Timer - Star

Cable Cutters

Three Arm Puller Sets

Pawl & Rachet Motion

Torsion Testing Machine

Manual Keratometer

Bains Circuit

Endotracheal Tube - Plain

Rebreathing Bags

Step Connector

Suction Catheter

Triple Lumen Catheter Kit

Mattress For Hospital Beds

T Beam Bridge - Model

Road Culvert Skew Type - Model

Single Stage Spur Gears Model

Two Stage Spur Gears Model

Single Stage Spiral Gears Model

Gear Sets Model

Train Of Gear Wheels - Model

Single Shoe Brake Model

Tie Rod Joint - Model

Sleeve and Cotter Joint - Model

Flexible Coupling Model

Box Or Muff Coupling - Model

Centrifugal Clutch Model

Mirror Stereoscope - Pattern

Hanging Sand Timer

Aneasthesia Face Mask - Black Rubber

Cvp Manometer

Single Lumen Catheter Kit

Single Stage Spur Gears with Intermediate - Model

Single Stage Bevel Gears Model

Cyclodial Gear Model

Inter Connected Gear - Model

Gear Box Three Speed And Reverse Gear - Model

Crank and Slotted Link Mechanism - Model

Hydraulic Brake Unit Model

Mechanical Brake System Model

Bearing - Model

Hooks Coupling Model

Split Muff Coupling Model

Voltage Generator

Single Pole Switch

Three Stage Spur Gear

Fluidisation And Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit

Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

Aneasthesia Face Mask - Silicon

Catheter Mount

Heat And Moisture Exchange Filter

Oxygen Mask

Tougy Needle

Ventilator Circuit

Balkan Beam Frame

Four Bar Link Mechanism Model

Peculiar Linkage Drive Model

Double Shoe Brake Model

Disc Brake Actual Working Model

Hydraulic Brake Unit

Power Brake Actual Working Model

Air Brake Actual Working Model

Gib and Cotter Joint - Model

Girder Models - Wooden

Claw Clutch Model

Standard Gyroscope

Engineers Drawing Board

Scientific Telescope

Frog Muscle Chamber

Colony Counter

Reversing Gear

Medical Keratometer

Bacterial Viral Filter

Guedel Airways

Nasal Oxygen Catheter

Tracheostomy Tube - Cuffed

Twin Oxygen Set

Plate Girder Bridge - Model

Bridge Trusses - Model

Crank Shaft to Slider Mechanism Model

Two Crank and Linkage Drive Model

Tri Clover Leaf Cam

Cut Section Model Of Disc Brake System

Cotter Joint - Model

Socket and Spigot Joint - Model

Riveted Joints Set of Four Wooden Models

Universal Coupling Models

Conical Friction Clutch Model

Rubber Hammer

Oldham Coupling

Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus

Road Suspension Bridge - Model

Rack & Pinon

Pipe Networks Bench

Floating Bridge - Model

Cam & Follower Model With Reciprocating Knife Edge Follower

Internal Gear Pinion Drive

Transport Ventilator

Whit Worth Quick Return Mechanism

Scotch Yoke Mechanism

Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel

Cam Follower Model With Translating Follower

Railway Culvert Model

Differential Gear - Model

Lattice Bowstring Girder Bridge - Model

Chemistry Lab Equipment

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The comprehensive assortment of chemistry lab equipment and apparatus fabricated by us finds usage in schools, colleges, pharmaceutical, medical and other institutional laboratories. These equipment are made using quality material which exudes durability, resilience and ability to withstand chemical reactions & temperature/ pressure fluctuations. Our assortment of chemistry lab equipment includes tripod stands, alcohol burners, crucibles porcelains and Ph indicator paper dispense.


We are looking for foreign enquiries.

Chemistry Lab Equipment

Prong Clamp With Bosshead

Prong Clamp With Bosshead

Prong Clamp With Bosshead  ECLE-01

Double Adjustable Two/ Three Prong Clamp With Bosshead

Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner  ECLE-02

We offer reliable and leakage proof light base Bunsen Burners fitted with LPD & PG nipples and brass stop cork. Our burners are made of thick Brass Chrome plated pipes, fitted with painted screw air regulators. The burners undergo stringent quality tests in order to ensure optimum durability, efficiency and flammability. Our range of Bunsen Burners are manufactured in tandem with international quality standards and can also be modified to suit specific requirements of the clients.


Two basic specifications of Bunsen burners engineered by us are mentioned below:

  • Bunsen Burner: Duco painted, heavy base, supplied with LPG & PG nipples.
  • Bunsen Burner: Provided with brass stop cock.


Bunsen Burner
Four Prong Clamp

Four Prong Clamp

Four Prong Clamp  ECLE-03
  • Plating
  • Zinc plating
  • Black powder coating
  • Nickel plating

Three Prong Clamp

Three Prong Clamp  ECLE-04
  • Plating
  • Black powder coating
  • Nickel plating

Three Prong Clamp
Double Adjustable Three Prong Clamp

Double Adjustable Three Prong Clamp

Double Adjustable Three Prong Clamp  ECLE-05

We have gained huge accolades by our clients for our excellent quality range of Clamp Three Finger Double Adjustable. These are manufactured using superior quality materials, procured from reliable vendor and find a wide application across various industries.

Nickel Plating

Nickel Plating  ECLE-06

Laboratory Aids offers a wide range of Nikel Two Prong Clamps in various sizes and finishes.Two prong clamps are designed so that the smaller types will able to hold articles upto 90mm with the larger industrial clamps being capable of holding larger items.Two prong clamp with interlocking jaws allow you to hold objects from 1/8" to 3-1/2" in diameter. It can be used for both burettes and condensers. The jaws are lined with silicon sleeve to insure a secure grip. Rod attatched is 10mm in diameter and 150mm long for a good reach during practical.It can be customarized by request. The clamp is actuated by nickle plated pummels and has a nickle plated twin screw.

Nickel Plating
Double Burette Clamp

Double Burette Clamp

Double Burette Clamp  ECLE-07



Aluminum (heavy)

Blue powder coating

Aluminum (light)

White powder coating

Sheet metal

Black powder coating

Single Burette Clamp

Single Burrette Clamp  ECLE-08



Aluminum (heavy)

Blue powder coating

Aluminum (light)

White powder coating

Sheet metal

Black powder coating

Single Burette Clamp
Universal Clamp

Universal Clamp

Universal Clamp  ECLE-09

This clamp is ideal for use with straight sides glassware and apparatus such as burettes, tubes & flask necks. The jaws are coated with nonslip vinyl sleeve. Can hold objects of 8-30 mm dia. Overall length 22 cm. with integral bosshead.

Pendulum Clamp

Pendulum Clamp    ECLE-10

This unit clamps to any horizontal or vertical support rod up to 3/4" (19mm) in diameter. The clamp is designed to hold three pendulums spaced 2-1/8" (54mm) apart with points for suspending cords on the same horizontal line, each individually adjustable. The overall length is 10-1/2" (267mm) by 3/4" (19mm) wide.

Pendulum Clamp
Suspension Clamp

Suspension Clamp

Suspension clamp     ECLE-11

Suspension clamp attached with die casted boss head.

Thermometer Clamp

Thermometer Clamp  ECLE-12

Used for supporting thermometers, glass tubes and similar apparatus. Up to 16 mm in diameter and approximately 220 mm long.

Thermometer Clamp
Clamp Holder (Bosshead)

Clamp Holder (Bosshead)

Clamp Holder (Bosshead)  ECLE-14
  • Coating.
  • Black powder coating.
  • Zinc plating.

Square Boss Head

Square Boss Head      ECLE-13

We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Square Boss Head. Extensively demanded in laboratories, the provided clamp can accommodate square and tubular sections up to 16mm in diameter at right angles to each other. Can also hold rulers, magnets and drawing boards, offered clamp is manufactured with the help of latest manufacturing techniques using finest quality aluminum alloy. Further, this Square Boss Head Clamp is provided at industry-leading rates to the clients.

  • Dimensional accuracy.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Strong structure.
  • Perfect surface finish.
  • Coating.
  • Black texture powder coating.

Square Boss Head
Retort Plate (Heavy)

Retort Plate (Heavy)



6” * 4”

Blue powder coating

8” * 5”

Blue powder coating

10” * 6”

Blue powder coating

Retort Plate (Side Cut)

Retort Plate  ECLE-15



6” * 4”

Textured powder coating

8” * 5”

Textured powder coating

Retort Plate (Side Cut)
Retort Rod

Retort Rod

Retort Rod  ECLE-17

Length (in m.m.):
300, 300, 500, 600, 750, 1000

Bunsen Burner

             Pipe Type

           Base Material

Micro pipe


11mm pipe


13mm pipe

Sheet metal

Nut pipe

Sheet metal

13mm pipe


Bunsen Burner
Z Test Tube Stand

Z Test Tube Stand

Z test tube Stand  ECLE-19



19 holes assorted

Blue powder coating

Ray Box With Slit

Ray Box With Slit  ECLE-20

Ray box with slit (aluminum pressure die casted)

Ray Box With Slit
Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand  ECLE-21







Chrome plating




Black powder coating

3” OR 4”

Round (C.I.)

Black coating

S.S. Beaker Tong

S.S. Beaker Tong  ECLE-22

  • 10”
  • 12”
  • 10”

S.S. Beaker Tong
Micro Pipette

Micro Pipette

Item Code: ETP-0145
Micro Pipette
Item code: ETP-0145 

Available in fixed and variable volume. Useful for medical research and industrial laboratories. Auto cleavable tip cone & lower section assembly.
Fixed Volume:

  • 5 μl
  • 10 μl
  • 50 μl
  • 100 μl
  • 200 μl
  • 500 μl
  • 1000 μl
Variable Volume:
  • 0.5-10 μl
  • 5-50 μl
  • 10-100 μl
  • 20-200 μl
  • 100-1000 μl

Variable Pipette

Item Code: ETP-0147
Item code: ETP-0147

The capacity of the micropipette is 100 ul to 1000 ul, It is variable volume micropipette
Our pipette manufacturing plant has its own accredited calibration laboratory to control the accuracy and precision of each and every Gilson pipette. Gilson pipettes are individually calibrated and delivered with a performance check report
Magnetic assist avoids heavy pipetting forces: A Magnetic assists the thumb to feel and hold
the piston at the zero position. Magnetic assist reduces the need for a large differential between
the aspiration and blow out springs. Both springs are significantly lighter.
Consistent sample pick up: Magnetic assist improves accuracy and reproducibility. The magnet
provides a positive feel at the zero position ensuring that the proper amount of sample is aspirated
every time.
Reduced pipetting forces: no heavy springs: Magnetic assist, low spring forces and low drag
seals reduce plunger forces. A comparison of manual air displacement pipettes reveals
that approximately 50% of pipetting forces result from the plunger operation and the remaining
50% from tip ejection.
Lightweight, rugged body: Pipet-Lite is lightweight and made of high density, chemically
resistant polymer. It won't crack or break, even if dropped.
Digital Volume Adjustment: The snag-proof design allows rapid volume adjustment even when
wearing gloves. Once the volume is set, a slight turn of the volume setting lock will prevent
accidental changes.
Quick release tip ejector: The tip ejector is easily removed by pressing lighty on the ejector tabs.
The positive lock feature ensures the ejector stays securely in place.


    Variable Pipette
    Transistor Amplifier Demonstrator

    Transistor Amplifier Demonstrator

    Item Code: EST-4555
    Transistor Amplifier Demonstrator - EST-4555

    To demonstrate the operation and important characteristics of
    • The common-emitter amplifier.
    • The common-base amplifier.
    The common collector amplifier configuration and their voltage gains before they are saturated. The common collector has a gains of less than one. The common-base amplifier has a gain of more than 150.
    • Built in regulated power supply + 15V/300mA
    • Input Supply 230 VAC/50Hz mains operated.



    Item Code: EST-4549

    Stroboscope - EST-4549

    This Stroboscope is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry. Although complex and advanced, it is convenient to use and operate. Its ruggedness will allow many years of use.

    Other Information

    • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Bank Transfer)


    Variable Inductive Load

    Variable Inductive Load

    Item Code: EST-4544
    Variable Inductive Load
    Technical Specification of Variable Inductive Load

    This is a bench mounted Inductive load . Single Phase and Threee Phase.
    • Ascrewed with a handle moves the 3 laminated cores made in silicium sheets in their coils between 2 limits, the safety terminals may be connected to 3-phase star 400V, delta 240V or single-phase 240V.
    • PVC sealed box with safety terminals



    Item Code: ET-2563
    Avometer ET-2563

    We are offering a wide range of Avometer.




    Item Code: ET-2568
    Dynamometer ET-2568

    This models are equipped with high strength composite plastic case.

    Other Information

    • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Bank Transfer)


    Rota Road Apparatus

    Rota Road Apparatus ECLE-23

    Specification of Rota Road Apparatus

    Rotarod Apparatus engineered by our company comes with digital counter for recording muscle tone, neuro proximity, motor co-ordination in mice and rat, balance, etc. Rota Road Apparatus provided by us consists of compartments that can be two, three or four with 75mm width of each compartment. This Rota rod apparatus possess a rotating road of 25mm diameter with the speed of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 rpm. Every compartment of these apparatuses has in built time interval counter. We offer two compartment, three compartment and four compartment Rota Rod apparatus. Today, we are regarded as one of the eminent Digital Rotarod Apparatus Manufacturers in Haryana.
    Rota Road Apparatus - Latest with Digital Counter for determining neuro-pixicity, muscle tone, balance and motor co-ordination in rats and mice. Consisting of two or three or four compartments of 75 mm width each with a rotating rod of 25 mm diameter having speed of 5,10,15,20 and 25 rpm with time interval counters in each compartment.Two CompartmentThree CompartmentFour Compartment Features of Rota Road Apparatus
    • Sturdy M.S. frame covered with powder coating gives a fine look to apparatus.
    • Digital timer control panel.
    • Driven by a D.C. drive in variable speed to the apparatus.
    • The compartment is divided by a transparent acrylic sheet.

    Rota Road Apparatus

    Revolving Bosshead

    Revolving Bosshead

    • Coating
    • Gray

    Test Tube Holder

    Test Tube Holder

    Material: Brass

    Retort Ring With Bosshead

    Retort Ring With Bosshead

    Plating: Zinc plating

    Light Demonstration Guide

    Light Demonstration Guide

    Material: Acrylic


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