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Electricity Laboratory Instruments

Leveraging on our vast industrial experience, we have successfully catered to the requirements of universities, engineering colleges, polytechnics and undergraduate science colleges by offering an infinite array of Electrical Laboratory Equipment. With our keen understanding of the exact requirements of our clients, we deliver research oriented Laboratory Control Equipment as per the customized dimensions and patterns within a stipulated rime frame. Besides, our efficient Electrical Instrumentation Trainers facilitate easy working and better understanding.

Accessories Set For Demountable Transformer
Accessories Set For Demountable Transformer

Item Code: 10298

Comprising 1 welding coil of 5 turns on former with insulated handle and short-circuiting pins,1 annular melting trough with insulated handle to show heating by induction,1 jumping ring which is thrown clear when primary current is started and a floating ring which remains freely suspended when primary current is flowing.

Item Code: 10281

Plastic body or Fitted on base with socket.

Bicycle Dynamo Assembly
Bicycle Dynamo Assembly

Item Code: 10309

A cycle dynamo, with crank handle, is fitted on base with two output terminals which are connected in parallel to a lamp holder with a lamp.

Item Code: 10469

Single dial, compact size, housed in metal box with dial and knob. Connections through 4mm socket terminals. Accuracy ± 2 %.Maximum voltage 250 volts d.c. 10 nF to 100 nF in steps of 10 nF.

Capacitance Substitution Box
Capacitance Substitution Box

Item Code: 10467

With rotary switch and a pair of 4 mm socket terminals. contains twelve standard preferred value non-polarised capacitors from 100 pF to 0.47 μF. Tolerance ±2%. Values are 100 pF, 220 pF, 470 pF, 1nF, 2.2 nF, 4.7 nF, 10 nF, 22 nF, 47 nF, 0.1 μF, 0.22 μF and 0.47 μF.

Item Code: 10314

For use on double ‘C’ core, wound with 1,100 turns of 22 swg copper wire with a resistance of about 6 ohms and inductance of about 15 henries, size 100 x 60 x 55 mm approx.

Item Code: 10272

Outer copper vessel 125 x 75 mm with perforated shelf and terminal, a porous pot 150 x 50 mm and a zinc rod 125 x 12 mm,with support and terminal.

Decade Capacitance Box
Decade Capacitance Box

Item Code: 10468

Contains four capacitors of 1μF, 2μF, 2μF, and 5μF linked in parallel, each via an ON/OFF slide switch. Can be linked together to provide upto 10 μF in 1μF steps. External connections by 4mm socket terminals.

Demonstration Dynamo Model
Demonstration Dynamo Model

Item Code: 10306

The motor cat no is mounted on a base with a driving wheel. Output is through 4 mm sockets and a low voltage bulb is also provided as a simple output indicator.

Demonstration Electric Bell
Demonstration Electric Bell

Item Code: 10283

Mounted on panel, large size parts and visible wiring. Operates on 4-6 volts.

Demonstration Transformer
Demonstration Transformer

Item Code: 10299

With one mains coil, 240 V, 50 Hz, 2400 turns and two interchangeable secondary coils 65 and 130 turns giving outputs of 6 and 12 V approximately at 2 A maximum.

Double C Core And Clip
Double C Core And Clip

Item Code: 10310

As used in westminster electromagnetic kit. Size 90 x 50 x 22 mm.

Item Code: 10307

With driving wheel, to generate current, mounted on polished wood base with driving wheel in vertical position , a lamp holder and a lamp. Output d.c. current.

Item Code: 10308

With driving wheel, to generate current, mountedon polished wood base with driving wheel in vertical position , a lamp holder and a lamp. Output both D.C. and A.C. current.

Item Code: 10279

Twin coil, in plastic cover, operates from 3 to 6 V. A.C./D.C.

Electric Motor Demonstration
Electric Motor Demonstration

Item Code: 10304

A simple form of D.C. motor with 2 pole armature wound with insulated copper wire and a permanent magnetic field provided by a removeable bar magnet, with a commutator and phosphor bronze brushes connected to 4 mm sockets, open construction, all parts visible.

Item Code: 10305

The motor consists of a two pole armature mounted between the ends of two bar magnets. The armature has a two section commutator and a pair of slip-rings on its shaft and is so constructed that the wire cannot slip off the iron core. The upper bearing and brushes for thecommutator are mounted on a strong upright. Separate brushes are provided for the commutator and for slip rings and each is connected to a terminal. The magnets are held in position by thumb screws.

Item Code: 10462

For rapid measurement and hard use. Each dial has a zero position and 10 steps,with fully aged constantan coils. Accuracy ±0.1%.Available in wooden/metal box. Range 0.1 to 1,110 ohms.

Induction Coil Electronic
Induction Coil Electronic

Item Code: 10320

Solid state electronic induction coil resulting in a very reliable and efficient system. There is no trembler contacts to wear or to require adjustment. Fitted with reversing switch. Operates on 220V A.C.25 mm, A.C.50 mm, A.C.75 mm, A.C.100 mm.

Induction Coil Ruhmkorff
Induction Coil Ruhmkorff

Item Code: 10315

Coils are wound with highly insulated copper wire impregnated with paraffin wax, input 6-8 V d.c. through two 4 mm socket terminals, with an adjustable trembler system. The spark suppression capacitor is housed in the base. A pair of pointer electrodes with insulated handles for adjustement of the spark gap are provided. Spark Length 10 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm.

Item Code: 10334

For Wheatstone bridge and potentiometer, with insulated handle, plated brass contact and a plated brass terminal with 4 mm socket.

Item Code: 10466

For precision measurement of low resistances, range 10-4 to 1 ohm. With a rotary dial having ten coils of 0.1 ohm each and a circular slide wire resistance reading in steps of 0.001 ohm. A multiplier of 0.1 enables readings upto 0.0001 ohm. Separate current & potential terminals are provided. Properly aged manganin coils are used. Accuracy ±0.1% or ±0.2% of the slide wire length whichever is greater.

Lechlanche Cell In Glass
Lechlanche Cell In Glass

Item Code: 10277

Porous pot filled with a mixture of manganese dioxide and carbon, and a zinc rod with brass terminal.

Leclanche Cell In Plastic
Leclanche Cell In Plastic

Item Code: 10278

As above but with plastic vessel.

Item Code: 10284

On base, with three terminals and pivoted contact arm with adjustable spring.

Morse Key And Sounder Combined
Morse Key And Sounder Combined

Item Code: 10286

Mounted on polished wooden base, a convenient unit which is serviceable for a line as well when two such units are used.

Item Code: 10285

Open construction, on wood base with two terminals, with two coils forming an electromagnet, tension adjustment on the armature.

Motor Construction Kit
Motor Construction Kit

Item Code: 10301

To build 3 motor models as in Westminster electromagnetic kit consisting of 6 magnets,3armatures, 3 mild steel yokes, 3 support bases, 3 shafts,12 rivets, 6 split pins, 1 reel pvc tinned copper wire 26 swg, 1 reel sellotape, and 150 mm latex tubing 2 mm bore.

Item Code: 10474

Wide spaced heavy gauge copper wire coil to carry current upto 10A is mounted on a base with 4 mm socket terminals. A platform is supported across the centre of the coil to show the field by use of iron filings or a small compass. Dimension of coil 150 x 50 mm diam.

Pair Of Coils 120 Turns
Pair Of Coils 120 Turns

Item Code: 10311

Each centre tapped, wound on plastic former, to fit double ‘C’ core, with three 4 mm socketed terminals.

Plates For Simple Cell
Plates For Simple Cell

Item Code: 10263

Each plate is fitted with a 4 mm socket terminal:

  • Zinc 90x25x1.5 mm
  • Copper 90x25x1.5 mm
  • Lead 90x25x1.5 mm
  • Carbon 90x 25 x 6 mm

Plates For Simple Cell
Plates For Simple Cell

Item Code: 10268

Fitted with brass terminal:

  • Zinc 90x25x1.5 mm
  • Copper 90x25x1.5 mm
  • Lead 90x25x1.5 mm
  • Carbon 90x 25 x 6 mm

Platinum Resistance Thermometer
Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Item Code: 10330

Platinum wire of about 2 ohms resistance, noninductively wound on a mica frame with copper leads, together with a pair of compensatory leads, all being connected to 4 mm socket terminals, for temperatures upto 150°C.

Item Code: 10274

150 x 50 mm, 150 x 60 mm, 150 x 75 mm.

Porous Pot for Lechlanche
Porous Pot for Lechlanche

Item Code: 10280

Filled, with terminal

Post Office Box Plug Type
Post Office Box Plug Type

Item Code: 10464

Plug type, with three pairs of ratio coils of 10,100 and 1000 ohms and 16 series coils from 1 to 5000 ohms, total 11,110 ohms, giving a range from 0.01 ohm to 1,111,000 ohms. Two tapping keys are provided for battery and galvanometer. Accuracy ratio coils ±0.05%, others ±0.1%.

Post Office Box Wheatstone Bridge
Post Office Box Wheatstone Bridge

Item Code: 10465

With two ratio dials of 10,100 and 1000 ohms each and a resistance arm of four dials, each of ten coils of 1, 10, 100 and 1000 ohms, giving total resistance of 11,110 ohms, with 4 mm socket terminals for battery, galvanometer and unknown resistance. Highly stabel resistances are used. Accuracy ±0.1%.

Item Code: 10333

A one metre long single resistance wire passes over a metre scale and is firmly clamped to stout brass end-plates,on wooden base. Complete with knife-edge jockey.

Potentiometer Decade Pattern
Potentiometer Decade Pattern

Item Code: 10335

Four dial decade box with direct readout from 0 to 2 V, in four ranges. Two way switch for “Test” and “Standardise” sections, with coarse and fine current controls. With four pairs of terminals for connection to a 4.5 V battery, standard cell, galvanometer and the cell under test. Circuit diagram is printed on the panel. Accuracy is better than ±0.1%.

Item Code: 10291

For Westminster Electromagnetic Kit giving 1 V full wave rectified d.c. and 1 and 2 V.a.c. outputs at 8 A max. The circuit diagram is printed on the top panel which also carries mains switch, light indicator and output sockets for d.c. and a.c. With 1.5 metre mains detachable cable.

Resistance Box Plug Pattern
Resistance Box Plug Pattern

Item Code: 10446

All plugs are turned to a fine standard taper and are interchangeable. These are moulded in fluted plastic tops.The brass blocks are undercut and are fitted to a thick insulating plate.Heavy 4 mm brass terminals are used.Coils are non-inductively wound and are treated to be strain-free. Coil values are engraved on the plate and an infinity plug is also included.

Item Code: 10365

With transparent cover, non-inductive visible winding, insulated support, with brass terminals. 0.1 ohm, 5 ohm, 0.2 ohm, 10 ohm, 0.5 ohm, 20 ohm, 1 ohm, 50 ohm, 2 ohm, 100 ohm.

Item Code: 10375

With transparent cover, non-inductive visible winding, insulated support, with brass terminals. Square end supports. 0.1 ohm , 5 ohm, 0.2 ohm, 10 ohm, 20 ohm, 1 ohm, 0.5 ohm, 50 ohm, 2 ohm, 100 ohm.

Item Code: 10385

As above, but with 4 mm socket brass terminals 0.1 ohm , 5 ohm, 0.2 ohm, 10 ohm, 20 ohm, 1 ohm, 0.5 ohm, 50 ohm, 2 ohm, 100 ohm.

Resistance Coil Precision
Resistance Coil Precision

Item Code: 10431

In metal case, with plastic top and two current & two potential terminals. Accuracy ±0.05% 0.1 ohm, ±0.05% 0.2 ohm, ±0.05% 0.5 ohm, ±0.05% 1 ohm, ±0.05% 2 ohm, ±0.05% 20 ohm, ±0.05% 5 ohm, ±0.05% 10 ohm, ±0.05% 50 ohm.

Resistance Substitution Box
Resistance Substitution Box

Item Code: 10336

Set of 12 preferred value carbon resistors with rotary selection switch, in box. Values are 33 ohms, 7 W: 100 ohms, 7 W; 330 ohms, 4 W; l Kohm 1W; 3.3 Kohm 0.5W; 10 Kohm, 33 Kohm, 100 Kohm, 330 Kohm,1 Mohm, 3.3 Mohm and 10 Mohm, all rated 0.25 W.

Item Code: 10411

In black plastic round case, with two 4 mm socket terminals,


  • ±1% 0.1 ohm
  • ±1% 5 ohm
  • ±1% 0.2 ohm
  • ±1% 10 ohm
  • ±1% 0.5 ohm
  • ±1% 20 ohm
  • ±1% 1 ohm
  • ±1% 50 ohm
  • ±1% 2 ohm
  • ±1% 100 ohm

Item Code: 10421

In black plastic rectangular case, with two 4 mm socket terminals, accuracy ±0.5% 0.1 ohm, ±0.5% 5 ohm, ±0.5% 0.2 ohm, ±0.5% 10 ohm, ±0.5% 0.5 ohm, ±0.5% 20 ohm, ±0.5% 1 ohm, ±0.5% 50 ohm, ±0.5% 2 ohm, ±0.5% 100 ohm.

Resistance Units Interlocking
Resistance Units Interlocking

Item Code: 10400

In plastic case 57x25 mm (diam x depth)with 4 mm terminals,one of which is fitted with a copper slotted lug for being connected to another unit,noninductively wound, adjusted to ±0.1% of nominal value.   0.1 ohm, 0.2 ohm, 0.5 ohm, 1 ohm, 2 ohm, 100ohm, 5 ohm, 10 ohm, 20 ohm, 50 ohm.

Item Code: 10349

Single tube, for use with high voltage upto 220 V,fitted with 4 mm socket terminals, with protected cover.

Item Code: 10337

A layer of oxidised resistance wire is wound on a porcelain tube which is supported by end supports. A sliding contact and three 4 mm socket terminals are provided for use as a rheostat or as a potentiometer. 200 mm, 300 mm.

Item Code: 10475

Approx 1.8 ohms, is mounted on a tubular metal handle through which flexible leads pass.

Item Code: 10476

The coil having 800 turns and a mean diam of 5.5mm is completely recessed near one end of a long prespex handle and connects to 4 mm socket terminals at the other end.

Item Code: 10264

One copper and one zinc plate, size 90 x25 x 1.5 mm, each with a terminal, with battery jar of size 150 x 100 mm.

Item Code: 10455

For rapid measurement and hard use. Each dial has a zero position and 10 steps,with fully aged constantan coils. Accuracy ±0.1%available in wooden/metal box:

  • 0.1 to 1 ohm in steps of 0.1 ohm
  • 1 to 10 ohms in steps of 1ohm
  • 10 to 100 ohms in steps of 10 ohms
  • 100 to 1000 ohms in steps of 100 ohms
  • 1000 to 10000 ohms in steps of 1000 ohms

Telegraph Set Vertical Type
Telegraph Set Vertical Type

Item Code: 10287

Set of two units. Each unit is fitted with one morse key, one sounder and on/off switch for battery, with two battery and two line terminals. All connections are visible. Each unit is workable on 4-6 volts D.C.

Telephone Set Lecture Pattern
Telephone Set Lecture Pattern

Item Code: 10288

Set of two vertical units, each unit consists of a microphone, a receiver, bell and transformer, with visible wiring connections. Workable with 4- 6 V D.C.

Item Code: 10325

Copper-constantan-copper, to form hot and cold junctions. Length of soldered junctions is about 38 mm The coiled lead is about 50 mm long.

Item Code: 10324

Copper and constantan wires twisted together at one end and soldered for about 20 mm. Length of the coiled lead is about 50 mm.

Item Code: 10327

Bars of bismuth and antimony soldered together with coiled connecting leads,which can be extended to 500 mm approx.

Item Code: 10328

Comprising 112 copper constantan couples inseries and arranged in the form of a rectangle, with sensitive area of 18 x 22 mm. With a metal cone to increase directional selectivity. The inner surface of the cone is polished. With a pair of 4 mm sockets, on stand.The e.m.f. of the pile is of the order of 4 mV per °C difference between the hot and cold junctions.

Item Code: 10329

Comprising 24 bismuth-antimony couples connected in series and in form of a rectangle, with cone, on stand.

Transformer Stand And Core
Transformer Stand And Core

Item Code: 10292

Comprising transformer stand & sore, low voltage coils and main voltage coils, as detailed below:

Apparatus is designed primarily for demonstration of the basic principles of transformers. It consists of a laminated U-core with laminated I-core, both with 32 x 25 mm cross section to form a closed core of size 102 x 127 mm. Heavy aluminium alloy stand with removable clamping rods, 2 pole pieces, each 65x30 x25 mm with one end cone shaped, to accept support rod and shading ring. Poles also have a hole drilled through lengthwise to take a light beam.

Item Code: 10460

For rapid measurement and hard use. Each dial has a zero position and 10 steps,with fully aged constantan coils. Accuracy ±0.1%.Available in wooden/metal box. Units and tens,total resistance 110 ohms, 11,000 ohms.

Westminster Electromagnetic Kit
Westminster Electromagnetic Kit

Item Code: 10290

A very effective and motivating learning aid in elementary electromagnetism. Consists of 8 anisotropic alloy magnets, 8 ceramic ferrite magnets, steel magnet yokes, 6 plotting compasses, 4 hardboard formers to take compasses, 1 bottle iron filings 250 gm, 4 dispensers for iron filings ,4 double C-cores, 4 clips for C-cores,4 aluminium rings,4 aluminium split rings,4 armatures with axle tubes,4 aluminium axle rods, 8 split pins, 16 rivets, 4 formers for coils, 4 reels cellotape,4 reels copper wire, 4 sheets white pasteboard,4 plain postcards,4 reels white cotton thread, 1 length latex rubber tubing, 4 each resistors 100 ohms and 10 ohms,4 support bases,10 m.e.s. bulbs, 8 mes bulb holders,1 wood clamp, 1 wooden block, with instructions.

Item Code: 10332

Four gap system, enabling two additional resistances to be interpolated in the additional gaps, enables greater accuracy of measurement by reducing unwanted resistances to a minimum.Two brass strips are provided to close the gaps when so required. Complete with jockey.

Wheatstone Bridge One Metre
Wheatstone Bridge One Metre

Item Code: 10331

Comprising a resistance wire swg 24 stretched along a metre scale subdivided in mms and marked every cm.,is clamped to stout brass plates so as to avoid end errors. A plated brass strip with 4 mm socket terminal is fitted along the metre rule to provide a two gap system for normal wheatstone bridge work. Complete with jockey.

Worcester Circuit Board
Worcester Circuit Board

Item Code: 10289

Enables students to investigate nature and properties of electricity by using simple circuits which are easily constructed on a base board. The connector system uses P.C.B. strips with cut-out sections whose ends can easily be inserted in spring terminals, ensuring low contact resistance and ease of connectlon. The kit consists of :

  • 1 Baseboard, plastic. with spring
  • terminals and three battery holders.
  • 3 Batteries
  • 10 Lamps 1.25 V m.e.s.
  • 6 Lamp holders mounted on p.c.b.
  • connectors
  • 10 Plain connector
  • 1 Wire wound potentiometer with
  • crocodile clip connections
  • 1 Silicon diode
  • 1 Resistor 3.9 ohm 2.5 W
  • 1 pair Leads, red, with crocodile clip
  • at each end
  • 1 pair Leads, black, with crocodile clip
  • at each end
  • 1 pair Leads, yellow, with crocodile
  • clips at each end
  • 2 Switches mounted on p.c.b.
  • connectors
  • 2 Soft iron nails, 5 cm long
  • 2m Bare copper wire, swg 20
  • 2m Bare eureka wire, swg 34
  • 2m Plastic covered copper wire
  • 1 Electrode support
  • 10 Pencil lead electrodes
  • 1 Sheet copper foil, 150 mm square
  • 1 Pack Steel wool
  • 1 Instruction manual in English

Item Code: 10273

Size 125 x 12 mm, with terminal.


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