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Microtome Equipments

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We are providing you with the best range of Microtome Equipment such as Sliding Microtome, Rotary Microtome Erma Type, Freezing Microtome, Rotary Senior Microtome, Wood Microtome, Cryostat Microtome  and many more items with effective & timely delivery.

We are looking for enquiries from China, Korea, Japan, Oman, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka
Microtome Equipments

Rotary Microtome Erma Type

Rotary Microtome Erma Type

Item Code: ET-9527
The ERMA type is a simple but versatile Rotary Microtome for cutting of uniform sections upto 25 microns in steps of 1 micron each. The internal structure is completely encased in a metallic cover. The selected alloys are used in fabrication of the machine and razor.

Accessories supplied with equipment
  • Razor-120 mm with back & handle-one
  • Object holders-set of three
  • Honing plate-one
  • Oilcan-one
  • Packed in card board box and thermocol packing

Rotary Senior Microtome

Item Code: ET-9528
Rotary Senior Microtome (Spencer 820 type): Standard latest sectioning equipment for cutting serial sections in medical & biological research work. The mechanism is protected by a hinged cover. Precise feed mechanism is followed to cut sections from 1-50microns in steps of 1 micron each. It is provided with safety device.

Technical features:-

  • Feed adjustment -1-50 microns
  • Total feed excursion - 28 mm
  • Opening of object clamps : 37x27 mm

Accessories supplied with equipment

  1. Razor-120 mm-one
  2. Object holders-set of three
  3. Oilcan-one.
  4. Packed in card board box and thermocol packing

: Micron setting is in front for quick glance.

Rotary Senior Microtome
Freezing Microtome

Freezing Microtome

Item Code: ET-9529

Freezing Microtome (ERMA Type): Versatile sectioning machine for quick processing of frozen material by carbon dioxide freezing attachment. Table clamping is provided. Suitable to cut sections upto 40 microns in steps of 5 microns each.

Technical Features:-

  • Freezing stage : 35 mm diameter
  • Feed range : 5-40 microns
  • Total feed excursion : 25mm

Accessories Supplied with Equipment:-

  • Razor 120 mm with back & handle-one
  • Honing plate-one
  • CO2 freezing attachment & stage-one
  • Oilcan-one
  • Spanner for attachment to CO2 Cylinder-one
  • Packed in card board box
  • Without CO2 Cylinder

Sliding Microtome

Item Code: ET-9530

Sliding Microtome is a jung type sturdy sectioning equipment for paraffin, cellodine & embedded specimen or in natural form. It is suitable to cut sections upto 40 microns in steps of 2 microns each.

Technical Features:-

  • Length of sliding track : 27 cms
  • Total feed excursion : 25 mm
  • Object stage opening : 31X26 mm

Accessories supplied with Equipment:-

  1. Razor-120 mm-on
  2. Object holders-set of three
  3. Oilcan-one
  4. Packed in card board box

Sliding Microtome
Wood Microtome

Wood Microtome

Item Code: ET-9531
Wood Microtome (Jung Type) is a heavy duty microtome for sectioning hard materials like wood, bone etc. upto 8 x 5 cm size in steps of 1 micron each upto 30 microns.

Technical features

  • Feed adjustment - 30 microns
  • Vertical object displacement - 30mm
  • Opening of object vice - 80x50 mm
  • Length of slide ways - 42 cm
  • Overall dimensions (horizontal) 85x40 cm

Accessories supplied with equipment

  • Special heavy duty razor with back-one
  • Object holders-set of three
  • Vices-two
  • Spanner for tightening razor-one
  • l-keys-two
  • Screw driver-one
  • Oilcan-one

Cryostat Microtome

Item Code: ET-9532
Cryostat Microtome : Most versatile section cutting machine for quick sectioning of tissues. Instantly freezes on built-in rapid freeze stage for biological, veterinary and medical diagnostic biopsies etc. The Microtome is completely made of brass & stainless steel and is placed in stainless steel cold chamber with an observation glass window.

Provided with a hermetically sealed compressor unit with 'A' grade components to achieve quick cooling of up to -500C. It is provided with feed range from 0-40microns in steps of 2microns each.

Accessories supplied with equipment
  1. Razor-120 mm with back & handle-one
  2. Object holder-set of three
  3. Honing Stone-one
  4. Oilcan with low temperature-one
  5. Dust cover-one

: Temp. range -300C with Digital Temp. Controller & Indicator.

Temp. range -400C with Digital Temp. Controller & Indicator.

Cryostat Microtome
Cryostat Microtome

Cryostat Microtome

Item Code: ET-9533
Cryostat Microtome : Most versatile section cutting machine for quick sectioning of tissues. Instantly freezes on built-in rapid freeze stage for biological, veterinary and medical diagnostic biopsies etc. The Microtome is completely made of brass & stainless steel and is placed in stainless steel cold chamber with an observation glass window.

Provided with a hermetically sealed compressor unit with 'A' grade components to achieve quick cooling of up to -500C. It is provided with feed range from 0-40microns in steps of 2microns each.

Accessories supplied with equipment
  1. Razor-120 mm with back & handle-one
  2. Object holder-set of three
  3. Honing Stone-one
  4. Oilcan with low temperature-one
  5. Dust cover-one

: Temp. range -300C with Digital Temp. Controller & Indicator.

Temp. range -400C with Digital Temp. Controller & Indicator.

Automatic Razor Sharpener (Spencer Type)

Item Code: ET-9534
Automatic Razor Sharpener (Spencer Type): Streamlined automatic microtome knife sharpener with electric timer coupled with simple operation for razors upto 185 mm on both the wedges. Working mechanism encased in aluminum cover and front portion covered with clear acrylic canopy to observe safe and dust-free honing. It is supplied completely with glass honing plate, coarse & fine abrasives and dust cover.

Automatic Razor Sharpener (Spencer Type)
Automatic R (Arthur Thomas Type)

Automatic R (Arthur Thomas Type)

Item Code: ET-9535
Razor Sharpener is Arthur Thomas type heavy duty sharpening machine for razors upto 300 mm length. It is equipped with large round hard surface plate with one side ground and other side polished for various sharpening operations. Completed with universal knife holder having automatic reversing device and dust cover without abrasives.

  • Micro abrasives for coarse & fine honing are available in200 gm
  • Packing at extra cost
  • Suitable for all models of sharpener

Semi Automatic Microtome

Item Code: ET-9536
A sturdy microtome usable in sectioning slime and sensitive incision from tissues.

Semi automatic cut sections from 0.5 p to 50 p. Sample feed of the microtome is automatically and perform the motorization and sectioning process manually.

This is microscope controlled with LCD screen on the sections and statu s of error. Having command control module to control the proposed device.

Also having an integrated waste collection folder.. A standard sample holder is provided with the proposed device optionally a glass knife holder Accessories supplied with the Microtome: Tissue flotation bath.(5 liter), Digital Temp Controlled. Disposable blades ( 50 ) and blade holders, Block holders, (20), L. moulds.( Brass ) (20) ,interiorparts permitting easy access for cleaning & lubrication.

Technical Specifications

Section Thickness Setting Range 0.25~60 µm
Trimming Thickness Setting Range 0.25~60 µm
Setting values 0.25~ 1-µm increment step 0.25 µm
1~10 µm increment step 1 µm
10~ 20-µm increment step 2 µm
20~ 60-µm increment step 5 µm
Minimum setting value 0.25 µm

Semi Automatic Microtome
Slage Microtome

Slage Microtome

Item Code: ET-9537

These are designed for cutting large blocks of paraffin and resin embedded material including whole organs, for light microscopy. The knife holding clamps allow the knife to be offset to the direction of cut, a major advantage when sectioning large, hard blocks. The microtome, which is very heavy for stability and not usually subject to vibration, can also be used to cut materials from various industrial applications (wood, plastics, textile fibers).

Technical Features:-

· Length of sliding track : 27 cms

· Total feed excursion : 25 mm

· Object stage opening : 31X26 mm

Accessories supplied with Equipment:-

· Razor-120 mm-on

· Object holders-set of three

· Oilcan-one

· Packed in card board box

Digital Microtome

Item Code: ET-9538
It is a universally approved, most modern and reliable sectioning equipment designed for very precise sectioning of tissues upto 1 micron thickness. The feed indicator, located in front of microtome is operated by the latest 'CAM DRIVE SYSTEM' for accurate feed setting from 1-50 microns in steps of one micron. It is graduated in microns, is conveniently located in the front for instant references and its setting is controlled by a knurled knob at the back of the microtomes. The interior mechanism rests on a heavy cast iron base and is covered with a full swing protective cover for easier cleaning and lubrication. The Salient feauures include independent feed mechanism with automatic safty device,universal knife holder with lateralmovements permitting use of the entire knife edge,universal vice type object holder for accurate centring of the specimen. The instrument ensures life -long smooth operation .Individual components are fabricated and assembled using latest technology and selected materials. The knife supplied with the microtome is fabricated from imported fine grain steel tested for micro-structure and is heat treated for optimum rigidity and sharpness.
Features Digital ScaleReversing Handle Slides on Ball bearingPull-up feed Supplied with the following accessoriesScale Knob Razor 120 mm,with back and handle in box :1NoUniversal vice Oil can:1No.Universal Razor Holder Honing Stone in box :1No. Dust Cover: 1No. Object holders (set of three): 1Set. Disposable Blade Holder with 5 Nos . Disposable Blades. Illustrated operatin manual:1No.

Digital Microtome
Slide Warming Table

Slide Warming Table

Item Code: ET-9539

Slide Warming Table is useful for slow but uniform heating of slides to flatten sections below melting point of wax. S.S. top plate mounted on metallic stand with a thermostat to control temperature upto 70°C.

Supplied completely with Pilot Lamp, Temperature Control Knob, Cord-Plug etc. to work on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.

Tissue Flotation Bath

Item Code: ET-9540

Tissue Flotation Bath is useful to float tissue wax sections to flatten for staining process. Double Walled chamber, inner made of black anodised aluminum and outer wall made of mild steel sheet duly painted. Gap between two insulated with glass wool. Temperature ambient to 700C ± 20C controlled by a thermostate.

It is supplied completely with Pilot Lamp, Temperature Control Knob, Cord-Plug etc. to work on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.

Chamber Size : Diameter 225 mm, Depth 70 mm, Rim 40 mm.

Tissue Flotation Bath
Paraffin Embedding Bath

Paraffin Embedding Bath

Item Code: ET-9541

Paraffin Embedding Bath : The body is made of mild steel sheet which is duly painted. The top is made of M.S. / S.S. sheet. Completed with wax pots with covers. Temperature ambient is upto70°C controlled by a thermostat to work on 220V AC 50Hz single phase. The following compositions are available:-

  • 4 cups and 6 glass tubes
  • 6 cups and 8 glass tubes
  • 12 cups and 12 glass tubes

    Paraffin Dispenser

    Item Code: ET-9542

    Paraffin Dispenser is embedding bath-single type dispenser which is double walled, both made of stainless steel sheet, gap filled with glass wool for temp. Insulation. Temperature range ambient to70°C controlled by hydraulic type thermostat. Completely supplied with Pilot Lamp, Temp. Control Knob, Cord-Plug etc. To work on220V AC 50Hz, single phase.


    • Available in capacity : 1 litre, 2 litre & 5 litre.
    • Optional : Stainless steel basket.

    Paraffin Dispenser
    Automatic Tissue Processor

    Automatic Tissue Processor

    Item Code: ET-9543

    Automatic Tissue Processor is a compact and versatile equipment for staining process atomization from stage one of fixation of tissue and dehydration process to paraffin wax saturation. Glass door with locking arrangement provides easy viewing and safety from tempering. Continuous agitation is provided by rotating S.S. Tissue basket to make process more effective. A superior thermostat maintains desired temperature of wax bath.

    Accessories :

    • 1 - S.S. Basket rotor
    • Tissue basket
    • 24 - S.S. Tissue capsules
    • 10 - 1 litre glass beakers
    • 11 - beaker covers
    • 2 - S.S. Wax baths each fitted with thermostat, 5-24 hrs
    • Calibrated timing discs
    • one-notch plier for programming time discs
    • It works suitably on 220V ac 50Hz single phase

    Tissue Culture Station Single Unit

    Item Code: ET-9544

    Compact model, suitable for use in small Laboratories. Supplied with One S.S. Basket Rotor, One S.S. Tissue Basket, One S.S. Wax Bath, 24 Nos. S.S Tissue Capsules, 6 Nos. S-type Dividers.

    Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, Ac supply

    Tissue Culture Station Single Unit
    Tissue Wax Block Storage Cabinet

    Tissue Wax Block Storage Cabinet

    Item Code: ET-9545

    Tissue Wax Block Storage Cabinet is made out of duro-board, externally clad in laminated sheet. Dust-proof door is lockable. It is provided with smoothly sliding drawers with sixteen compartments each of size 4 x 4 x 2" and have puller knobs. Each compartment can store blocks in two rows.


    Capacity Available:

    • 4 drawers (2000 blocks)
    • 6 drawers (3000 blocks)
    • 10 drawers (5000 blocks)


    Cabinet Capacity: upto 20,000 blocks can be fabricated.

    Slide Storage Cabinets

    Item Code: ET-9546

    Slide Storage Cabinet is fabricated out of thick board. Exterior clad in laminated sheet. Drawers and slide holding grooves made of seasoned teakwood / aluminum serially numbered. Each drawer has index card and puller knobs. An extra drawer has been provided at bottom for keeping index cards etc. Dust proof door has locking arrangement.

    Capacity :

    • 1000 slides.
    • 2000 slides.
    • 3000 slides.
    • 5000 slides.

    Slide Storage Cabinets
    Slide Storage Cabinet (Flat Position)

    Slide Storage Cabinet (Flat Position)

    Item Code: ET-9547
    Slide Storage Cabinet (Flat Position) : The slides are stored in flat position in aluminum trays model. The trays slide in wooden groves and have puller devices dust-proof door has locking arrangement.

    Capacity :
    • 500 slides with 25 trays
    • 1000 slides with 50 trays
    • 2000 slides with 100 trays
    • 5000 slides with 250 trays

    Note :
    Cabinets with higher capacities in these models can be fabricated on demand.

    Slide Mounter

    Item Code: ET-9548

    A slide ringer can be used for several things. If you've got a diatom test slide from Klaus Kemp you will note a small "finder ring" around the 8 diatoms to help locate them quickly. In addition, the edge of the round coverslip is sealed to the slide very neatly, again using a ringer.

    On coverslips that I ring, I let the dark colored edge sealant dry, then add a thin white ring on top to allow identifying the top of the slide while not wearing glasses.

    Another use is making support rings to prevent crushing a specimen when applying the cover slip. This was my original motivation since I wanted to make whole mounts of deer ticks without mashing them in the process. I tried using punched paper (lots of stray fibers) and punched tape (melted by xylene in the mountant) with poor results; shellac rings are easy to make and work very well.

    Slide Mounter
    Microtome Accessories

    Microtome Accessories

    Item Code: ET-9549

    Microtome Accessories : (At extra cost)

    • 1 Microtome Razor : Fabricated out of grain tool steel heat treated and tested for micro structures, both side wedges with back & handle in wooden box
    • Size : 120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm
    • 1 Leather Strap : Special quality leather size 12 x 2" fitted on wooden base for final strapping of razors
    • 1 Honing Stone : Special quality stone in a box
    • 1 Honing Plate : Glass mounted on wooden base
    • 1 L-Moulds : It is used for making different size wax blocks (in pairs) i.e. 37 x 25x 15 mm, 50 x 25 x 15 mm,75 x 30 x 15 mm
    • 1 Tissue Cassette: Made of reinforced stainless steel mesh

    Microtome Razor

    Item Code: ET-9550
    Razor is attached for use of safety blade in place of Microtome Razor. It is one of the essential accessory of Microtome.

    Other Information

    • Pay Mode Terms: Western Union

    Microtome Razor
    Microtome Object Holders

    Microtome Object Holders

    Item Code: ET-9551

    Microtome Object Holders is a set of three rotatory microtome.

    Specimen Jar is made of clear acrylic sheet chemically welded to prevent from leakage rectangular shape with cover. It can be fabricated in any size. There are various Microtome Object Holders available with us at wide range.

    Specimen Jar

    Item Code: ET-9552
    We offer Specimen Jar made of clear acrylic sheet chemically welded to prevent from leakage and is rectangular in shape with covering. It can be fabricated in any size.

    Specimen Jar


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