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Serological Water Bath

Temperature and Precision Control Water Bath

High Temperature Oil Bath

Refrigerated Water Bath

Memmert Type Universal Oven

Humidity Oven

Vacuum Oven

B.O.D. Incubator

Egg Incubator

Water Bath Incubator Shaker

Carbon Dioxide Incubator

Hybridization Incubator

Orbital Shaking Incubator

Stability Chamber Microprocessor Control

Walk In Incubator

Seed Germinator Single Chamber

Seed Germinator Double Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber

Seed Dryer Cabinet

Tray Dryers

Freeze Dryer

Muffle Furnaces

Hot Plates

Round Hot Plates

Heating Mantle

Distillation Stills Manasty

Distillation Stills Barnstead Type

All Glass Distillation Apparatus (Electrically Heated)

Soxhlet Extraction Units

Kjeldahl Distillation & Digestion Unit

Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

Deep Freezer

Ultra Low Deep Freezer

Vaccine Deep Freezer

C.O.D Digester

V.D.R.L Rotators and Shaker

Shaking Machine Wrist Action

Shaking Machines Rotary

Shaking Machine Table Model

Shaking Machine Sieves

Shaking Machine

Clinical Centrifuge Machines

Compact Laboratory Centrifuge

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Vacuum Centrifuge

Rotary Vacuum Pumps

Magnetic Stirrer

Digital Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate

Tissue Homogeniser

Lab Stirrer

Vortex Mixer

Melting Point Apparatus

Precision And Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Digital Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus


Infra Red Moisture Balances

Laboratory Ovens

Sampling Dispensing Booths

Heating Orbital Shakers

Sampling / Dispensing Booths

A C Modules

Pressure Modules

Deluxe Model (Triple Walled With Jacket)

Fully Automatic Table Top Autoclaves

Rectangular Horizontal Model

Humidifier Aerosol Disinfector

Ice Flaking Machines

Shaking Tray Size Inside

Distillation Appratus

Orbital Shaker (Heating Only)

Digital Total Dissolve Solid (TDS) Meter

Fake Currency Note Detectors

Circulated Water Bath

ABBE Refractometer

ABBE Refractometer With Imported Optics

Butyro Refractometer

Hand Refractometer With Imported Optics


Research Polarimeter

Polarimeter Senior

Leak Test Apparatus

Bulk Density Apparatus

Digital Dissolution Test Apparatus

Disintegration Test Machine

Tablet Friability Test Apparatus (Single Drum)

Tablet Hardness Tester (Pfizer Type)

Ultrasonic Baths Sonicator

Bomb Calorimeters

Bursting Strength Testers

Micro Digital Model

Micro Print Model (Fully Automatic Micro Processor Based)

Standard Model

Super Model

Antibiotic Zone Readers

Electronic Balances

Professional Line Analytical Balances Cy Series

Professional Line Analytical Balances CX Series

Stainless Steel Body Pass Box

Laboratory Microbiological Blenders

Chemical Bottle Storage Cabinets

Willey Mill

Glass Beads Sterilizers

Polishing Machines

Polishing Machine (Single Disc)

Ozone Air Sterilizers

Ozone Room Sterlizer

Ozone Room Sterilizer

Jar Test Appartus

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Physics Instrument

Physics Apparatus

Physics Instruments

Intermediate Spectrometer

Heat Equipment

Electrostatic Equipment

Autosampler Vials

Travelling Microscopes


Newton's Ring Microscope


Resistance Box

Battery Eliminator

Capacitance Boxes

Function Generator

Mechanics Instruments

Acrylic Block and Rectangular

Action of Cams

Analog Lab Trainer (Bread Board Model)

Archimedes Principle Kit

Auto Transformer

Semi Circular Acrylic Block

Actual Cut Model Gear Box

Audio Oscillator

Baby Weighing Balance

Balance Lever

Balance Spring

Balance Weights

Bar and Gauge

Bar Magnets

Barometer Syphon


Bell Jar in Vacuum

Biots Conductor

Braun Electroscope

Bucket & Cylinder

Bulb Holders M.E.S


Balances Spring

Banana Plugs

Bar Breaking Apparatus

Barometer Aneroid Demonstration

Barometer and Aneroid

Bell in Bell Jar

Bourdon Gauge

Brain Tuner

Bulb Holders


Calorimeter with Wooden Box

Carbon Electrodes Mounted

Cathode Ray Mechanical Effect

Cell Holders


Circuit Modules

Collision in Two Dimensions

Compound Bar

Concave Mirror And Glass

Conductivity Apparatus


Convection Tube

Copper Voltmeter


Calorimeter Copper & Aluminium

Calorimeter Set

Catch Bucket

Centi Second Meter

Clinical Digital Thermometer


Concave Glass Mirror and Glass

Connected Leads

Convex Mirror and Glass

Crocodile Clips Standard

Cylindrical Magnets

DC Regulated Power Supply (Dual Output)

DC Regulated Power Supply (Single Output)

Decade Resistance Box

Demonstration Electric Motor

Demonstration Induction Coil

Demonstration Meter Inter Scale

Demountable Transformer

Dial Type Room Thermometers

Different Impellers of Pumps and Turbines

Digital Multimeter Model

Digital Stop Clock

Dip Circle


Displacement Vessel

Dynamic Trolley and Wooden

Wooden Dynamic Trolley

Decade Capacitance Box

Demonstration Dynamo Model

Demonstration Gear System Model

Demonstration Meter

Demonstration Transformer

Digital Meter

Digital Thermometer

Direct Vision Spectroscope

Drinking Bird

Electric Bell

Electric Whirl

Electromagnetic Coil

Electromagnetism Coil

Electroscope Pith Ball

Equality of Pressure in Liquids

Expansion of Liquids Apparatus

Electric Blower


Electrostatic Kit

Epicyclic Gear (Sun & Planet Type)

Expansion Apparatus

Falling Bodies Apparatus

Fly Wheel

Force Pump on Stand

Four-Stroke Diesel Engine Model

Friction Board Apparatus

Fluid Pressure Apparatus

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Sliding Wedge Gear With Straight Line Model

Chain Drive Model

Hydraulic Brake Unit Two Brake Drums

Shafting General Bearing Model

Sellers Coupling Model

Secure Cords Connectors

Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine

Bicycle Ergograph

Hot Air Gun

Crank Drive to Oscillating Link Mechanism Model

Disc Brake Model


Single Pole Switch

Mounted Bulb Holder

Magnetic Stirring Rods

Centrifuge Machine

Twist Drill Set

Herring Bone Gear

Bench Thickness Gauge

Oxygen Recovery Kit

Paediartic Jackson Rees Circuit

Pressure Monitoring Kit

Pressure Transducer Dome

Three Way Stop Cock

Three Way Stopcock With Ext Line

Tracheostomy Tube - Plain

Mosquito Net Poles

Road Culvert Brick Barrel Type - Model

Slotted Link Bar Mechanism - Model

Band And Block Brake Model

Drawing Board Stand

Telescope Stand

Sand Timer With Wooden Finish

Stainless Steel Dustbins

Bowl Stand

Spur Gear Set

Oxygen Concentrator Sequal

Engineering Models

Double Lumen Catheter Kit

Oxygen Mask With Nebuliser

Pressure Monitoring Line

Resuscitation Bag

Spinal Needle

Collapsible Side Railings

Lift Bridge Across A Port Channel - Model

Crank And Connecting Rod Model

Triangular Eccentric Cam

Internally Expanding Brake Model

Belt Drive Single Speed - Model

Rivets Set of Four Metal Model

Flanged Coupling

Plate Clutch

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

Highly Magnetic Horseshoe Magnet

Oil Can

Electric Hand Drill

Patient Pediatric Bed

Multiplate Clutch Model

Hemispherical Sectional Models of Screw Threads Nuts

Antique Sand Timer - Star

Cable Cutters

Three Arm Puller Sets

Pawl & Rachet Motion

Torsion Testing Machine

Manual Keratometer

Bains Circuit

Endotracheal Tube - Plain

Rebreathing Bags

Step Connector

Suction Catheter

Triple Lumen Catheter Kit

Mattress For Hospital Beds

T Beam Bridge - Model

Road Culvert Skew Type - Model

Single Stage Spur Gears Model

Two Stage Spur Gears Model

Single Stage Spiral Gears Model

Gear Sets Model

Train Of Gear Wheels - Model

Single Shoe Brake Model

Tie Rod Joint - Model

Sleeve and Cotter Joint - Model

Flexible Coupling Model

Box Or Muff Coupling - Model

Centrifugal Clutch Model

Mirror Stereoscope - Pattern

Hanging Sand Timer

Aneasthesia Face Mask - Black Rubber

Cvp Manometer

Single Lumen Catheter Kit

Single Stage Spur Gears with Intermediate - Model

Single Stage Bevel Gears Model

Cyclodial Gear Model

Inter Connected Gear - Model

Gear Box Three Speed And Reverse Gear - Model

Crank and Slotted Link Mechanism - Model

Hydraulic Brake Unit Model

Mechanical Brake System Model

Bearing - Model

Knuckle Joint - Model

Hooks Coupling Model

Split Muff Coupling Model

Voltage Generator

Three Stage Spur Gear

Fluidisation And Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit

Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

Aneasthesia Face Mask - Silicon

Catheter Mount

Heat And Moisture Exchange Filter

Oxygen Mask

Tougy Needle

Ventilator Circuit

Balkan Beam Frame

Four Bar Link Mechanism Model

Peculiar Linkage Drive Model

Double Shoe Brake Model

Disc Brake Actual Working Model

Hydraulic Brake Unit

Power Brake Actual Working Model

Air Brake Actual Working Model

Gib and Cotter Joint - Model

Girder Models - Wooden

Claw Clutch Model

Standard Gyroscope

Engineers Drawing Board

Scientific Telescope

Frog Muscle Chamber

Colony Counter

Reversing Gear

Medical Keratometer

Bacterial Viral Filter

Guedel Airways

Nasal Oxygen Catheter

Tracheostomy Tube - Cuffed

Twin Oxygen Set

Plate Girder Bridge - Model

Bridge Trusses - Model

Crank Shaft to Slider Mechanism Model

Two Crank and Linkage Drive Model

Tri Clover Leaf Cam

Cut Section Model Of Disc Brake System

Cotter Joint - Model

Socket and Spigot Joint - Model

Riveted Joints Set of Four Wooden Models

Universal Coupling Models

Conical Friction Clutch Model

Rubber Hammer

Oldham Coupling

Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus

Road Suspension Bridge - Model

Rack & Pinon

Pipe Networks Bench

Floating Bridge - Model

Cam & Follower Model With Reciprocating Knife Edge Follower

Internal Gear Pinion Drive

Transport Ventilator

Whit Worth Quick Return Mechanism

Scotch Yoke Mechanism

Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel

Cam Follower Model With Translating Follower

Railway Culvert Model

Differential Gear - Model

Lattice Bowstring Girder Bridge - Model

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Scientific and Laboratory Instruments

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We are a respectable name engaged in manufacturing and exporting a vast range of precisely engineered laboratory glassware, chemistry laboratory equipment and scientific instruments. These products are fabricated using light weight and resilient raw material such as borosilicate and quality plastic procured from trusted vendors after stringent pre-checks. We design and machine our lab instruments using technologically superior machinery in tandem international quality standards. Our entire product range is available in standard as well as customized specifications at best market prices.



We are one of the well known exporter of Lab Glassware & Scientific Instruments from India. We are looking for Foreign Buyers for our products.


Our range encompasses:

Laboratory Instrument

We are engaged in production of Laboratory Oven, Bacteriological Incubator, Vacuum Oven, BOD Incubator,  Constant Temperature Bath / Low Temperature Bath, Laboratory Autoclave - Vertical, Orbital Shaker Incubator, Humidity Oven / Environmental Chamber, Deep Freezer ( Horizontal / Vertical ), Rotary Shaker, Blood Bank Refrigerator, UV Inspection Cabinet (Fluoroscope), Digital Moisture Meter (Dew Point), Laminar Flow Bench, Vertical Dehumidifier,  CO2 Incubator, Fume Chamber, Viscometer Water Bath, Stability Chamber, Walk-In-Chamber, Clean-Room Equipment, Furnace Muffle (Light Weight

Bacteriological Incubator

Vertical Autoclaves

Autoclave Horizontal

Laboratory Autoclave (Portable)

Rectangular Water Bath

Serological Water Bath

Temperature and Precision Control Water Bath

High Temperature Oil Bath

Refrigerated Water Bath

Memmert Type Universal Oven

Humidity Oven

Vacuum Oven

B.O.D. Incubator

Egg Incubator

Water Bath Incubator Shaker

Carbon Dioxide Incubator

Hybridization Incubator

Orbital Shaking Incubator

Stability Chamber Microprocessor Control

Walk In Incubator

Seed Germinator Single Chamber

Seed Germinator Double Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber

Seed Dryer Cabinet

Tray Dryers

Freeze Dryer

Muffle Furnaces

Hot Plates

Round Hot Plates

Heating Mantle

Distillation Stills Manasty

Distillation Stills Barnstead Type

All Glass Distillation Apparatus (Electrically Heated)

Soxhlet Extraction Units

Kjeldahl Distillation & Digestion Unit

Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

Deep Freezer

Ultra Low Deep Freezer

Vaccine Deep Freezer

C.O.D Digester

V.D.R.L Rotators and Shaker

Shaking Machine Wrist Action

Shaking Machines Rotary

Shaking Machine Table Model

Shaking Machine Sieves

Shaking Machine

Clinical Centrifuge Machines

Compact Laboratory Centrifuge

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Vacuum Centrifuge

Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Lab Equipments

We are known among our clients as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Equipment. Our expert team is always involved in testing these products as per the international standards of quality to ensure better performance with precision and accuracy. Our range includes Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Equipment, Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments and many more. To make sure that our clients are satisfied with the end product, we also customize these products if need be. Our vendor base is capable enough to provide us with the premium quality raw material for the manufacture of these products. 

Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig

Francis Turbine Test Rig

Kaplan Turbine Test Rig

Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump

Flow Meter Demonstration

Impact Of A Jet

Gear Pump Demonstration Unit

Series and Parallel Pumps

Pelton Turbine

Axial Flow Impulse Turbine

Orifice Discharge Apparatus

Plunger Pump Demonstration Unit

Flow Through Non Circular Pipe

Computerized Venturi Meter

Flow Through Circular Pipe

Fluid Mechanics Lab Apparatus

Pressure Drop Through Packed Bed

Drag Coefficient Apparatus

Compressible Flow Bench

Notch Apparatus

Impact Of Jet Apparatus

Losses Due To Friction In Pipe Line

Rotameter Apparatus

Free and Forced Vortex Flow

Reynolds Apparatus

Metacentric Height Apparatus

Free Forced Convection System

Fluidized Bed Dryer

Wind Tunnel

Bernoulli's Apparatus

Cavitation Demonstration Unit

Flow Over A Notch

Energy Losses in Bend

Rotating Tank Vortex Apparatus

Losses In Piping Systems

Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments

Aerodynamics Trainer

Basic Hydraulic Bench

Electrical Laboratory Instruments

Leveraging on our vast industrial experience, we have successfully catered to the requirements of universities, engineering colleges, polytechnics and undergraduate science colleges by offering an infinite array of Electrical Laboratory Equipment. With our keen understanding of the exact requirements of our clients, we deliver research oriented Laboratory Control Equipment as per the customized dimensions and patterns within a stipulated rime frame. Besides, our efficient Electrical Instrumentation Trainers facilitate easy working and better understanding.

AC-DC Power Supplies

Alligator Clips Battery Clips

Auto Transformer

Ballistic Galvanometer


Battery Charger

Battery Eliminator

Battery Hydrometer

BNC Connecting Leads

BNC To 4mm Socket Terminal

Cable Three Core Wire

Glass Cartridge Fuse Cartridge Fuses

Cell Holder

Constantan Wire

Contact Key Single

Copper Wire Polyurethane

Copper Wire Tinned

Crocodile Clip

Demonstration Meter

Dials Interchangeable

Digital Multimeter

Eureka Constantan Wire

Eureka Constantan Wire Bare

Flash Lamp Bulb Lens End

Flash Lamp Bulb Round

Flexible Leads PVC

Fuse Holder

Fuse Wire

Transparent Polysterene Container

Insulated 4 Mm Socket

Insulated Socket

Knife Switch

Lamp And Scale Outfit

Lamp Low Voltage

Lamp Holder M E S

Lampholder M E S Mounted

Multi Plate Type Plastic Container

Multimeter Analogue

Nichrome Wire Bare

Plug Switch One Way

Plug Switch Two Way

Plugs Transverse Hole

Power Supplies Regulated Analogue

Power Supplies Regulated Digital

Power Supply EHT

Power Supply 12v AC And DC

Spectrum Tubes Power Supply

Power Supply H T

Projector Lamp Auto Type

Projector Lamp Halogen

Electricity Laboratory Instruments

Leveraging on our vast industrial experience, we have successfully catered to the requirements of universities, engineering colleges, polytechnics and undergraduate science colleges by offering an infinite array of Electrical Laboratory Equipment. With our keen understanding of the exact requirements of our clients, we deliver research oriented Laboratory Control Equipment as per the customized dimensions and patterns within a stipulated rime frame. Besides, our efficient Electrical Instrumentation Trainers facilitate easy working and better understanding.

Accessories Set For Demountable Transformer

Bell Push

Bicycle Dynamo Assembly

Capacitance Box

Capacitance Substitution Box

Coil High Inductance

Daniel Cell

Decade Capacitance Box

Demonstration Dynamo Model

Demonstration Electric Bell

Demonstration Transformer

Double C Core And Clip


Electric Bell

Electric Motor Demonstration

Electric Motor

Four Dials

Induction Coil Electronic

Induction Coil Ruhmkorff

Laboratory Instrument

Kelvin Bridge

Lechlanche Cell In Glass

Leclanche Cell In Plastic

Morse Key

Morse Key And Sounder Combined

Morse Sounder

Motor Construction Kit

Open Wound Solenoid

Pair Of Coils 120 Turns

Plates For Simple Cell

Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Porous Pot

Porous Pot for Lechlanche

Post Office Box Plug Type

Post Office Box Wheatstone Bridge


Potentiometer Decade Pattern

Power Supply 2 V

Resistance Box Plug Pattern

Resistance Coil

Resistance Coil Precision

Resistance Substitution Box

Resistance Unit

Resistance Units Interlocking

Rheostat Protected

Rheostat Single Tube

Search Coil 100 Turns

Search Coil 800 Turns

Simple Voltaic Cell

Single Dial

Chemistry Lab Equipment

The comprehensive assortment of chemistry lab equipment and apparatus fabricated by us finds usage in schools, colleges, pharmaceutical, medical and other institutional laboratories. These equipment are made using quality material which exudes durability, resilience and ability to withstand chemical reactions & temperature/ pressure fluctuations. Our assortment of chemistry lab equipment includes tripod stands, alcohol burners, crucibles porcelains and Ph indicator paper dispense.


We are looking for foreign enquiries.

Prong Clamp With Bosshead

Bunsen Burner

Four Prong Clamp

Three Prong Clamp

Double Adjustable Three Prong Clamp

Nickel Plating

Double Burette Clamp

Single Burette Clamp

Universal Clamp

Pendulum Clamp

Suspension Clamp

Thermometer Clamp

Clamp Holder (Bosshead)

Square Boss Head

Retort Plate (Heavy)

Retort Plate (Side Cut)

Retort Rod

Z Test Tube Stand

Ray Box With Slit

Tripod Stand

S.S. Beaker Tong

Micro Pipette

Variable Pipette

Transistor Amplifier Demonstrator


Variable Inductive Load



Rota Road Apparatus

Revolving Bosshead

Test Tube Holder

Retort Ring With Bosshead

Light Demonstration Guide

Revolving Bosshead

Test Tube Holder

Retort Ring With Bosshead

Light Demonstration Guide

Biology Equipment

We are a renowned name engaged in offering a wide assortment of lab equipment and anatomical models used in biology laboratories of various educational and commercial institutions. Checked for accurate calibrations the equipment are extremely durable, damaged proof and prove to be important for important for biological and pathological studies. The products are designed and manufactured is tandem with industrial standards and can also be customized to suit client’s requirements.


We are looking for foreign enquiries.

Our list of biological equipment includes:

Human Youth Heart

Human Anatomical Models

Humann Torso Without Head

Human Torso With Interchangeable

Human Torso with Head Half Size

Human Torso, without Head, Half Size

Human Head and Brain, Life Size

Human Head and Neck

Human Brain

Human Nose

Human Eye

Human Eye Model

Human Eye with Lid

Human Eye In Bony Orbit

Eye Model on Bony Base

Human Ear

Human Tooth, Molar

Human Tooth

Dental Care Model

Human Upper and Lower Jaw

Human Lower Jaw with Teeth

Human Teeth with Tongue


Larynx Biological Models

Human Larynx with Tonque

Human Lungs Model

Human Heart and Lungs

Human Heart with Lungs & Larynx

Human Heart Model

Human Stomach

Biological Equipment

We are involved in the manufacturing of best quality Biology Lab Equipment for more than four decades. Our clientele for Biology Lab Equipment includes many well established science institutions, laboratories and industries. We are providing a complete spectrum of Biology Lab Equipment including Magnifier Glass, Dissecting Set, watch glass etc. We are an ideal Watch Glass Manufacturer. To make our products reach each corner of the world, we offer very low and attractive prices for them.

Bird Dissection

Development Of Chick

Rat Dissection

Animal Cell Typical

Animal Cell Division

Model Of D.N.A.

Model Of R.N.A.

Typical Flower

Plant Cell

Typical Plant Cell


Spirogyra Cell

Plant Mitosis

Plant Cell Division Meiosis

Open Collateral Conducting Bundle Of A Dicotyle

Feritilisation of Angiosperms

Root Anatomy

Monocot Root

Dicot Root

Root Tip of Fern

Monocot Stem Anatomy T.s & L.s

Dicot Stem Anatomy T. S. & L. S.

Dicot Stem T. S.

Monocot Stem T. S.

Leaf Anatomy

Isobilateral Leaf

Monocot Leaf TS

Dicot Leaf TS

3D Raised Relief Plastic Models

Human Anatomy

Human Reproductive Organs

Botany Series I

Botany Series

Botany Series III

Botany Series IV

Heat Transfer Lab Equipment

Heat Transfer Lab Equipment

Edutek Instrumentation provides you with the best range of Heat Transfer Lab Equipments. Which include Heat Transfer Through Composite wall, Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe, Heat Pipe Demonstrator, Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Powder, Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod, Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Powder, Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod, Thermal Conductivity Of Liquids, Heat Transfer From A Pin-Fin, Heat Transfer In Forced Convection, Heat Transfer In Natural Convection, Emissivity Measurement Apparatus, Stefan Boltzmnn's Apparatus, Dropwise And Filmwise Condensation Apparatus, Parallel Flow/counter Flow Heat Exchanger, Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger, Finned Tube Heat Exchanger, Vertical And Horizontal Condenser, Heat Transfer In Agitated Vessel, Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit, Open Pan Evaporator, Single Effect Evaporator, Double Effect Evaporator, Calandria Evaporator, Plate Type Heat Exchanger, Fluidized Bed Heat Transfer Unit, Heat Exchanger Teaching Setup, Heat Transfer Teaching Setup. Our clients can avail from us wide range of heat transfer of laboratory which include heat conduction in solid, heat conduction in glasses and liquids, shell and tube exchanger. All these equipment are highly capable and offered at market leading rates. Heat Transfer Lab Equipments, Heat Transfer Equipments Suppliers, Heat Transfer Lab Instruments India, Heat Transfer Lab Equipments Manufacturers, Heat Transfer Lab Equipments Exporters India, Heat Transfer Labs Equipments.

Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod

Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Slab Apparatus

Heat Transfer Through Composite Walls

Solid and Liquid Extraction Unit

Steam Distillation Setup

Rotary Dryer

Spray Tower

Absorption in Packed Bed

Solid in Air Diffusion Apparatus

Swenson Walker Crystallizer

Vapour Liquid Equilibrium Setup

Vapour in Air Diffusion Apparatus

Natural Draft Tray Dryer

Liquid & Liquid Extraction in Packed Tower

Batch Crystallizer

Flow Through Helical Coil

Open Pan Evaporator

Pressure Drop in Two Phase Flow

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Apparatus

Heat Transfer in an Agitated Vessel

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Apparatus

Vertical And Horizontal Condenser Apparatus

Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

York Scheibels Extraction Unit

Wetted Wall Column

Bubble Cap Distillation Column

Basic Hydrology Apparatus

Heat Transfer in Natural Convection Apparatus

Hydraulic Ram Test Rig

Heat Transfer in Forced Convection Apparatus

Heat Transfer in Two Phase Apparatus

Parallel Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus

Heat Transfer from Pin - Fin Apparatus

Heat Pipe Demonstrator Apparatus

Steel Wire Hand Brushes

Electrician Hammer

Plastic Hammer

Math Lab Instruments

Edutek Instrumentation is the pioneer in industry, by offering advanced Math Lab Equipment in the Indian markets. The comprehensive range of Math Lab Equipment, which we offer, is procured from the certified sources, to ensure that we are providing the best to the clients. The range of our Math Lab Equipment encompasses Mathematical Shape Models, Abacus Rack, and Spike Abacus. 

Geo Board-Circle: (Wooden)

Volume Relationship Set (Crystal Plastic)

Junior Maths Lab Kit

Senior Maths Lab Kit

Field Observation Equipment

Office Working Equipment

Laboratory Models

Creativity And Craft Work Tools

Construct-A Clock (Wooden)

Counting Abacus (1-10) (Wooden)

Teacher Abacus (Wooden)

Student Abacus

Game Of Place Value (Wooden)

Geo Board-Square (Wooden)

Geometrical Solids: (Wooden)

Transparent Geometrical Shapes

Polyhedron & Their Nets (Set of 11) : (Acrylic)

Conic Section : (Wooden)

Cylinder Cut In 8 Parts (Wooden)

Derivation Of Value Of Pie : (Wooden)

Circle Fraction Disk

Fractions Of Circle (Wooden)

Fractions Of Triangle (Wooden)

Add & Count Rods: (Wooden)

Shapes Sorter Moulds (Plastic)

Tangram Puzzle (Acrylic)

Time Teaching Stamps

Standard Time Indicator (Metal)

Volume Measuring Hollow Shapes

Set Of Volumetric Cups (Plastic)

Weight Set (Metal)

Pictorial Numbers (Wooden)

Shapes Board (Big) (Wooden)

Count & Match (Wooden)

Kitchen Balance (Plastic)

Screw Gauge (Metal) Micrometer

Vernier Calliper (Metal)

Ranging Rod (Metal)

Tripod Stand

Cross Staff

Optical Square (Metal)

Theodolite Model

Stop Watch

Drawing Instruments Set (Metal)

Probabilty Kit-Complete

Efficiency In Packing

Geometry Kit (Acrylic)

Dummy Cheque Book & Dummy Pay-In-Bank Slip

Graph Roll-Up Chart

Magnetic Graph Co-ordinate Board With Marker Pen

Laboratories Glasswares

We offer a wide range of laboratory glassware that are used for scientific experiments and for other application in science labs, especially in chemistry and biology laboratories. These products are made from heat and chemical resistant borosilicate glass of low alkali content. Our range of laboratory glasswares are available in diverse specifications as per the requirements of the clients.

Note: plese visit our glassware website:

Sockets Single

Sockets & Cones Single

Cones with Tip Single

Sockets Full Length Single

Cone Full Length Plain End Single

Sockets Double

Cone Plain Double

Stopper Hollow with Flat Bottom

Stopper Solid Penny or Flat Head

Stopper Polypropylene

Reduction Adapters

Expansion Adapter

Multiple Adapters, with Two Necks Parallel

Multiple Adapters, with Two Necks

Swan Neck Adapters

Receiver Delivery Adapters Long Stem

Receiver Delivery Adapters Short Stem

Receiver Adapters Straight

Receiver Adapters Bend with Vent

Receiver Adapters, Straight with Vacuum Connection

Receiver Adapters, Bend with Vacuum connection

Receiver Adapters, Plain Bend and Receiver Bend

Receiver Adapters Perkin

Recovery Bend Sloping

Receiver Bend, Vertical

Still Head Plain with Thermometer Socket

Claisen Heads, Sloping

Splash Heads, Adapter Vertical

Splash Heads, Pear Shape Vertical

Splash Heads, Pear Shape Sloping

Steam Distillation Heads, Sloping

Adapter Cone to Rubber Tubing

Adapter Socket to Rubber Tubing

Adapters Cone to Rubber Tubing Right Angle Connection

Adapters Sockets to Rubber Tubing, Straight Connection

Adapters Cone with Stem to Rubber Tubing

Adapters Socket to Cone with Tee Connection

U Tube, with Two Sockets with Stopper.

Research Microscopes

EDUTEK Microscopes are a class by themselves. Manufactured under an ISO 9001 standardized system, each operation is carefully carried out and monitored. Due consideration is given.
Educational Science Lab -Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab , Biology Lab Equipment  School Educational Equipments , We Supply Physics Lab Instruments, Physics Experiments Equipments, Biology Lab Equipments, Human Anatomy Models, Chemistry Lab Instruments, Geography Teaching Products, Educational Charts and Models, and Microscopes and Slides. 

Student Microscope

Dissecting Microscope

Fluorescent Microscope

Medical Microscopes

Medical Pathological Microscopes

Inclined Microscopes

Binocular Microscope

Binocular Pathological Research Microscope

Trinocular Microscopes

Co-Axial Concept Microscope

Computer Compatible Microscope

Digital Microscope

Stereo Binocular Microscope

Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope

Metallurgical Microscope

Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope

Inverted Tissue Research Culture Microscopes

Operating Surgical Microscope

Polarizing Microscopes

Malaria Detection Microscopes

Optional Accessories for Microscopes


Dark Field Condenser

Advance Projection Microscope

Projection Microscope

Polarimeter Half Shade

Research Polarimeter

Polarimeter (Bi-Quartz)

Polarimeter Tubes

Multi Viewing Microscope

Traveling Microscopes

ABBE Refractometer

Hand Refractometer

Digital Refractometer


Magnifying Slit Lamp

Slit Lamp Microscope

Plastic Surgery Microscope

Multipurpose Microscope

Clean Air Systems

We have grown as a reputed manufacturer of Clean Air Systems andBlood Banking Products such as Clean Air Systems, Blood Banking Freezers,Blood Bag Sealer,Syringe Needle Destroyer and Blood Monitor.

We are looking for enquiries from China, Korea, Japan, Oman, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka

Air Curtains

Air Showers

Fume Hoods

Laminar Air Flow Cabinets- Vertical

Laminar Air Flow Cabinets- Horizontal

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet (SS)

Bio Safe Biological Safety Cabinet

Garment Storage Cabinet

Sterile Material Storage Cabinet

Portable Tissue Culture Rack

Tissue Culture Hood

Innoculation Hoods


UV Chamber with UV Tube Light

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Blood Banking Instruments

We are renowned for manufacturing high-end Blood Bank Equipment. Our wide range of Blood Bank Equipment includes Blood Donor Couch, Blood Collection Monitor, Blood Bag Tube Sealer, Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge, Blood Storage Refrigerator, Plasma Extractor and Blood Donation Camp Cot. Our Blood Bank Equipment is designed with precision to offer accurate results. Blood Bank Equipment offered by us is widely appreciated for high durability and reliability. Our Blood Bank Equipment has become the demand of various hospitals because of its guarantee of quality.

Syringe Needle Destroyer

Blood Bank Freezers

Blood Bag Tube Sealer

Blood Bank Monitor

Blood Bank Scale

Platelet Agitator with Incubator

Plasma Extractor

Donor Couch

Blood Tube Roller Mixer

Low Temperature Cabinets

Plasma Thawing Bath

Cryo Bath

Medical Anatomy Instruments

Edutek Instrumentation, an online business directory offering a comprehensive database of companies engaged in production & manufacturing of Anatomy Models. Buyers can browse the catalogs of these producers & manufacturers of Anatomy Modelsand send a request for product details.

Bone and Meat Cutting Machine


Mortuary Chamber

Cadaverous Injector

Autopsy Table

Meat Cutting Machine

Cold Room

Zoology Series III Frog

Zoology Series IV Rat

Zoology Series II

Zoology Series I

Immersion Dissection Table

Dissection Table

Analytical Instruments


We are manufacturers of Analytical Lab Equipments India, Analytical Equipments, Analytical Equipments Exporters, Analytical Lab Instruments

HPLC, Digital UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Semi Auto Chemistry Analyzer, Digital Flame Photometer, Digital Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor KF Moisture Titration, Digital Nephelo Meter, Microprocessor pH Meter, Photo Colorimeter, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Digital TDS Meter, Digital Salinity Meter Equipments.

Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Double Beam)

Double Beam Spectrophotometer

Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Digital Spectrophotometer

Bio-Chemistry Analyzer

Digital Colony Counter

Digital Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

Digital Friability Test Apparatus

Microprocessor Water & Soil Analysis Kit

Microcontroller pH and Temperature Meter

Microprocessor pH Meter

Digital Do Meter

Photoelectric Colorimeter

Digital PH Meter

Digital Hemoglobin Meter

Digital Auto Colorimeter

Digital Flame Photometer

Digital Conductivity Meter

Digital Turbidity Meter

Karl Fischer Titrimeters

Readwell Touch Analyzer

Elisa Shake Analyzer

ESR Analyzer

Electrolyte Analyzer

Elisa Wash Well Plate Analyzer

Automated Hematology Analyzer

PCR Thermal Cycler

Pen Type PH Meter

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

FTIR Spectrometer

Portable Hemoglobin Meter

Digital Viscometer

Blood Cell Counter

Digital Tele Thermometer

Digital Automatic Polarimeter

Digital Photo Flouri Meter

Microprocessor UV Spectro Photometer

Digital Spectro Photometer

Critical Care Analyzer

Agriculture Equipment

Agricultural equipments products range offered by us includes spraying systems, weeding machines, inter cultivators, plant protection equipments, rice transplanters and electric brush cutters. These equipments are manufactured using high grade raw materials with the help of high grade machines. The agricultural farm equipments offered by us can efficiently help the farmers for maintaining the fields and the crops in good condition. The use of these Agricultural Equipments can increase the productivity range since farming is well enhanced. 

Garden Hand Tools

Brass Knapsack Sprayer

Classifier Separator


Zero Till Ferti - Seed Drill

Multicrop Planter

Zero Till Maize / Multicrop Planter

Maize Sheller

Vegetable Nursery Transplanter

Axial Flow Vegetable Seed Extractor

Offset Disc Harrow

Trailed Offset Disc Harrow

Paddy Harrow

Tandem Disc Harrow

Medium Duty Post Hole Digger

Digital Weighing Scales

Heavy Duty Land Leveller

Laser Guided Land Leveller

Rotary Slasher

Reciprocating Forge Mower

Grooming Mower

Tyne Ridger

Disc Ridger 1 Row

Disc Ridger 2 Row

Mounting Disc Plough

Mounted Board Plough

Mounted M.B Plough

Potato Ridger

Potato Digger with Rubber Beam Wheels

Potato Planter

Sub Soiler

Rotary Tiller

Spring Loaded Tiller

Moisture Meter

Soil Test Equipment

We are offering a large range of instrumentation equipment which are widely demanded across the market. Under this category, all the instruments are used in testing the soil. These deliver accuracy and reliability in performance. Following are the products we are offering under this category:

Plastic Limit Set

Pore Pressure Apparatus

Portable Aluminium Derrick

Pycnometers Bottles

Sampling Augers

Sampling Outfit

Posthole Type

Sampling Tubes

Shrinkage Limit Apparatus

Sieve Shaker-Rotop

Split Spoon Sampler with Liner

Tripod Pulley

Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus

Volume Change Gauge

Plastic Limit Device

Bitumen Testing Equipment

Our outstanding manufacturing facility have enabled us in producing instruments for testing the bitumen. Bitumen in particular is a mixture of organic liquids which are highly viscous, black, sticky, entirely soluble in carbon disulfide. This material is composed of highly condensed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. For testing this bitumen on varied parameters, we use various equipment. Following are the products we are offering under this category:

Standard TAR Viscometer

Manual Compaction

Compaction Pedestal

Mixer with Heating Jacket

Marshall Stability Test Apparatus

Digital Marshall Stability Test Apparatus

Pavement Core Drilling Machine

Automatic Compactor

Ductility Testing Apparatus

Benkelman Beam

Loss on Heating

Rolling Thin Film Oven

Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder

Flow Table

Porker Vibrator

Situ Water Permeability Test Kit

Concrete Cover Meter

Curve Generator Machine

Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipment

We make amazing quality of Mechanical Engineering lab, and building and civil engineering lab equipment,Electronic testing and measuring equipments which are known for their high accuracy and precision. the equipments are made using error free components. We provide them at market leading rates. We are manufacture, supplying & Export a wide range of Engineering Electronic Instruments, and mechanical engineering lab training equipment.

CNC Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine

Spot Welding Machine

Welding Training Set

MIG Welding Machine

Tap And Die Sets

Material Testing Equipment

We supply an extensive range of material testing equipment that is fabricated as per the industry defined quality standards and they deliver consistently accurate results. Our range of material testing equipment encompasses equipment for testing & determining deval attrition, dorry abrasion, pendulum impact, tensile strength, thickness, etc. All our tools for material testing are available at industry leading prices.

Compact Digital Universal Tester

Digital Universal Testing Machine

Computerized Universal Tensile Tester

Standard Universal Testing Machine

Standard Universal Testing Machine - Digital

Computerized Universal Testing Machine

Compression Testing Machine

Digital Compression Testing Machine

Compression Testing Machine Digital

Computerized Compression Testing Machine

Standard Universal Testing Machine Digital

Specific Gravity (Density) Apparatus

Permeability Apparatus

Automatic Surface Grinder

Heat Deflection Temperature Tester for Testing Lab

Flexural Testing Machine

Meteorological Instruments

Manufacturer of : Hydrological, Meteorological, River Gauging instruments & Digital WeatherstationWe introduce ourselves as manufacturer of wide range of mechanical type scientific instruments with Chart / Graph like Hydrological, Meteorological, River gauging Equipments and Digital Water Current Meter Datalogger, Digital Water Level Recorder, Digital Wind Speed & Digital Weather Stations. Further details are in Products page.

Hydrology & Meteorology is the science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena. Major area's of research concern the  weather, weather forecasting and atmospheric composition.

River gauging concerns with water level, water speed etc, parameters in river, pond & canals.

Digital Rain Gauge

Humidity Sensors



Plant Canopy Analyzer

Portable Weather Station

Snow Sensor

Stevenson Screen

Sunshine Recorder

Temperature Humidity Recorders

Ultraviolet Sensor

Wind Speed Sensor

Wind Vane

Weather Station

Vicat Apparatus

I. C. Engine Test Rigs & Turbines

We have carved a niche in manufacturing, supplying and export of a huge gamut of IC Engine Testing which are manufactured and designed using premium quality raw material and are highly appreciated for their accuracy and potential performance. We offer manual & computerized test setups with rope brake, electrical, hydraulic & eddy current, dynamometer.

VCR Engine Test Setup

Gas Turbine Test Rig

Research Engine Test Setup

Engine Test Setup 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol

Engine Test Setup 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol (Computerized)

Steam Turbine Test Rig

Engine Test Setup 4 Cylinder & 4 Stroke and Diesel

Engine Test Setup 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel

Engine Test Setup 1 Cylinder

Fuel Cell & Hybrid Energy Training System

The Dr Fuel Cell Professional is designed for class demonstrations of experiments and hands-on use by students. The system represents a complete energy cycle based on solar-hydrogen fuel cell technology. 

Instructor Training System

Clean Energy Trainer

Instructor Integration System

Solar Hydrogen Extension

Fuel Cell Model Car

Integration System

Training System

New Energy Lab

Evaluation Kit

Fuel Cell Lab

Hydrogen Generator

Fuel Cell Professional

Engineering Training Equipment

We Supply Engineering Educational Models for Applied Mechanics, Engineering Models, Object Drawing Models, Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics, Construction Machines Models, Automobile Engineering Models, Heat Engine Lab Models, Civil Engineering Models, Thermodynamics Lab, Heat Transfer Lab Equipments, Refrigiration & Air Conditioning, Theory Of Machine Lab, I.C. Engine Lab Equipments to be used for training in Industrial Training Institutions, Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics.

Emissivity Measurement Apparatus

Composite Wall Apparatus

Drop And Film Condensation Apparatus

Unsteady State of Heat Transfer

Modular Power Hub

Hydraulic Bench

Agriculture Grinder

Gas Absorption Column

Fluid Friction Apparatus

Flow Measurement Apparatus

Photoresist Dip Coating Machine

Computerised Pressure Measurement Bench

Computerized Flow Meter Calibration Equipment

Sedimentation Studies Apparatus

Rising Film Evaporator

Ribbon & Cone Blender

Reverse Osmasis Ultra Filteration Unit

Rapid Extractor

Pressure Measurement & Calibration

Extraction Screw Press

Liquid Chromatograph Digital

Venturi Meter



Sharp Edge Orifice Meter

Pressure Measurement Trainer Model

Pitot Tube

PCB Roller Tinning MC

Steam Engine Model with a Boiler

Model Of Steam Engine

Radial Drilling Machine

CNC Milling Machine

Laboratory Fatigue Testing Machine

Horizontal Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw

Hydraulic Bench - Computerized

Fluid Friction 4 Manometer

Model of Corlis Valve Steam Engine

Fluid Friction 4 Manometer

Model of Corlis Valve Steam Engine

Electrosurgical Generator

Creating a niche of Electrosurgical Generator such as Electrosurgical Pencils With Specialty Electrodes, Range Of Autoclavable Bipolar Forceps., Monopolar And Bipolar Foot Switch, Pregelled And Stainless Steel Patient Plates and Monoseal Electrosurgical Generator at its best with utmost quality.

We are looking for foreign enquiries.

Electrosurgical Generator

Monoseal Electrosurgical Generator

Anesthesia Apparatus

Anesthesia Apparatus With Stainless Steel Trolley

Portable Anaesthesia Apparatus

Electronic Stimulator

Soldering Station With Digital Display

PCB Work Holder

Solar Lighting Systems

Edutek Instrumentation is a prominent manufacturer of highly reliable solar equipment. Our range of equipment includesSolar Lights, Street Lights, Lanterns, Home Light Systems, Power pack, Solar L.E.D. Systems, Solar Signals, Blinkers, etc. All the products are completely environment friendly and highly efficient. The solar equipment is gaining prominence in remote villages.

We manufacture the equipment in fully automatic units. Moreover, the equipment is in strict compliance with international standards. The solar equipment is manufactured from the best raw material, which is sourced from the most reliable vendors.

Street Lighting System

Solar UPS

Solar Fan

Solar Panel

Solar Freeze

Solar Refrigerator

Solar Water Heater System

Industrial Solar Water Heater

Solar Garden Lighting Systems

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